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In the Forex articles section, we provide a variety of articles on trading methods and factors that help in the success of the trading process.

Zcash- promising future and security trading

06:51 pm 2017-10-14

A new electronic currency will be the focus of our conversation today, dear reader, as you are doing trading to explain the various electronic currencies, today is complete this explanation in the currency ZCash, but at the beginning we have… …More

IMF forecasts growth rates in 2018

05:25 pm 2017-10-11

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Tuesday that the global economic recovery is strengthening and providing policymakers with an opportunity for reforms but the recovery is still incomplete and may not last forever. In the latest World Economic Report… …More

Bitcoin Gold .. The new version of e-currency in October

07:53 pm 2017-10-09

Everyone knows Bitcoin split last time, resulting in Bitcoin Cash, which carried the BCC code. Of course, all BTC got its equivalent in BCC is not the dollar amount but the currency itself, our talk today is not about BCC… …More

Litecoin .. Silver version of electronic currencies

09:04 pm 2017-10-02

A new electronic coin will be the focus of our conversation today, dear reader, it is the currency of litecoin, the silver coin of the alternative currency "Bitcoin". Litecoin's appearance The coin was announced in 2011 and was named Silver… …More

The worst month for e-currency passes safely

07:33 pm 2017-09-29

September 2017, is the worst month in the history of electronic currencies, which aims to decentralize the buying and selling, after some countries began to tolerate the existence of electronic currency and recognition in their financial markets, came in September… …More

«Dash» .. the most transparent electronic currency

07:39 pm 2017-09-27

A new electronic currency, which will be the focus of the modern day, that is Dash coin, which open-source encrypted currency, which is offered by many other currencies, while characterized by their immediate and special transactions and decentralized management. The… …More

With TenX you can spend your money at any time

12:11 pm 2017-09-26

Today, our dear reader about TenX, is a company through which it is easy to spend any electronic currency easily anytime, anywhere. What is TenX and what does it offer?  Founded in 2015, Singapore is the only company in the… …More

Janet lays between low inflation and higher interest rates

06:16 am 2017-09-20

Markets are awaiting the Fed's Open Market Committee report today, as the interest rate decision is scheduled for the US Dollar as well as investors' attention to the US Federal Reserve press conference.       There are many questions about… …More

What are the markets waiting for from the Bank of England

09:45 am 2017-09-14

The Bank of England's interest rate on the pound is due today, and analysts' views on the possibility of a rate hike by the Bank of England are divided, especially after inflation reached 2.9%, well above the central bank's target.… …More

Will China succeed in eliminating Bitcoin?

07:53 pm 2017-09-12

China is considering shutting down the electronic trading exchanges "Bitcoin", which showed dissatisfaction of traders in the currency markets in Beijing, the value of 150 billion USD. The Chinese move came after concerns from the world's second-largest economy about the… …More

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