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In the Forex articles section, we provide a variety of articles on trading methods and factors that help in the success of the trading process.

Bitcoin reaches to 100,000 Dollar soon

04:23 pm 2017-09-05

Harvard University researcher Dennis Porto said the price of the electronic currency Bitcoin would exceed $ 100,000, based on Moore's law. This came during a recent interview with Multiplex founder Brian Rummel, in an interview based on Moore's Law. Moore's… …More

Look at the most important came in a speech Mario Draghi

05:36 pm 2017-08-23

European Union (ECB) President Mario Draghi said Wednesday that monetary and fiscal policy measures over the past decade have made the world more resilient to financial crises, but central banks should continue to prepare for new challenges.    "When the… …More

What traders expect from the Jackson Hole Conference

12:28 pm 2017-08-23

The global financial markets await the Jackson Hole conference, which will be held for three days from Thursday and ends on Saturday, Aug. 26, when world economic leaders meet with heads of central banks and finance ministers from around the… …More

Donald Trump plans to intensify his efforts to fight terrorism and extremism

05:17 pm 2017-08-22

President Donald Trump said Monday that he planned to "intensify the fight against terrorists" and the Taliban forces in Afghanistan and said the United States would end its other state-building policy. Trump also said the United States would press neighboring… …More

Geopolitical fears reflect on today trading | 21 August 2017

08:17 pm 2017-08-21

Disappointing results for the US dollar, happy for gold, as investors awaited the comments of monetary policy officials at the Jackson Hole Conference. Today, there have been major changes in the currency market, equities and commodities as well. On the… …More

Steve Bannon from Hollywood to the White House

06:58 pm 2017-08-18

Born in Virginia in 1953, Bannon spent four years in the Navy before obtaining an MBA from Harvard University, then moved to investment banking, then worked in media finance and helped launch the cynical Seinfeld program and other programs. Banon… …More

Ripple .. your cheapest way towards electronic wealth

01:57 pm 2017-08-14

In our talk today on electronic currencies, we show you dear reader the most important knowledge about the currency of the ripple, the currency, which is one of the most popular international currency, which ranks third in terms of liquidity.… …More

Ethereum .. A coin is on its way to change the world

01:49 pm 2017-08-11

Ethereum .. One of the electronic currency competition in the trading market and digital currencies, which have become very large in recent times, in a controlled and controlled. Citi is not considered a currency in the real sense, although it… …More

Know about the electronic currency

09:56 am 2017-08-10

The emergence of electronic banks and financial movement on the Internet has had a major impact on the financial affairs in the real world dramatically, Pitkin, is a fake currency but , Of its manufacture, its benefits, what its negatives,… …More

Get to know about the President of the New Egyptian Stock Exchange

03:41 pm 2017-08-07

The Prime Minister of Egypt, Eng. Sherif Ismail, issued a decree no. 1759 for the year 2017, appointing Mohamed Farid Mohamed Saleh as President of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, for 4 years. The decision came on Sunday, after the end… …More

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