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In the Forex articles section, we provide a variety of articles on trading methods and factors that help in the success of the trading process.

Trader Commitment Report | 5 August 2017

06:12 pm 2017-08-05

The data for the traders' 1 August  index report for the Dollar Index indicates that the purchase contracts are close to the sell-off, clearly on the price chart, due to the state of anticipation of the non-farm investor-controlled news that… …More

Bitcoin Cash is the natural evolution of electronic currency

11:07 pm 2017-08-04

A new development of e-currency, a word that started in August 2017, won first, and then slowed down to a 32% drop on Friday, but what is the Bitcoin Cash, whether it is useful for trading or not, In this… …More

Trader Commitment Report 18 July 2017

06:53 pm 2017-07-23

Trader compliance reports continue to show that the long positions are higher than the USD / USD, but despite the fact that the sell-off is over, traders waiting for the US interest rate decision are cautious, as the report shows… …More

Forex trading times

09:21 am 2017-07-21

Forex is different from other stock exchanges. It is decentralized. The Forex market is affected by more than one international exchange, giving you the opportunity to trade throughout the day from Monday morning to Friday evening without a fixed time… …More

Trading Strategy From Another Perspective "part 2"

04:38 pm 2017-07-18

In the first part of the trading strategy, we talked about the correct concept of strategy and it should include everything related to the trading process, not just the indicators that will work on it, and you should add to… …More

Why can not some technical analysts succeed in trading?

04:47 pm 2017-07-17

Many technical analysts who work in financial markets are able to predict prices accurately, which increases the success of their analysis, but when they start trading they can't make profits and then their analysis is useful to others but they… …More

Why do some believe that bank interest is a good investment?

04:35 pm 2017-07-17

Many individuals go to invest in deposits that bring them high annual interest rates such as the interest rate in Egyptian banks, which amounts to 20% as a low-risk investment alternative, but what did people know about the real interest… …More

Weak US economy and benefit from it in Forex trading

04:05 pm 2017-07-16

​In this report, we will look at a comprehensive study of the US economy in several ways to help you make sound forex decisions and be aware of the latest developments in economic data affecting the economy. We will conduct… …More

Trading Strategy From Another Perspective "part 1"

09:14 am 2017-07-12

  Many traders see money markets as a treasure that will bring them great fortunes at a great time. This makes them a prey to greed that eventually leads to the loss of their account. This is the point of… …More

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