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Primary info

Broker type :Forex Commodities, Stocks and Indicators

Regulators :CySEC, MiFID, ASIC

Trading Accounts Information

Acc. currencies :USD

Min deposit :100$

Accounts separated :Yes

Payment methods :Bank Transfer - Credit Cards / Debit / Internet - eWallet

Accept american :No

Instruments :ETFs - CFDs - Commodities - Metals - Stocks - Oil - Gold - Binary Options - Indices

Demo :Yes

Trading features

Leverage :1:400

Min deal amount : 5000


Accept scalping :Yes

Available heading? :Yes

Spread :2-5

trailing stop :No

Swap :Islamic Accounts

About company



EasyMorex is a market-type intermediary, founded in 2003 and initially known as Easy-Forex. In December 2015, EasyMarkets changed currency and now offers traders access to global markets through broad options on a simple trading account. One.
EasyMarkets can be reached by phone to their headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus, or to their offices in London, Warsaw and Sydney, Australia. E-mail is also available. The company also provides live chat during business hours, but the website is only available in languages English, Chinese, Arabic and Polish.
The company has revenues of up to $ 1.5 trillion and has more than 100,000 active traders.


EasyMarkets has only one trading account, and the account holder has a leverage at 1: 400. There is an extension fee for currency trading depending on the trading period. Since commodities and indices are traded as spreads, they have a fixed closing date and no extension fees. But an extension fee is levied if gold, silver, palladium and platinum are traded as immediate trades, and there is no extension fee on the options.
When using the company's platform, there is a free trial account for life.
In addition, there is a personal analyzer available to anyone who upgrades their account to a VIP account. This analyst is available to assist traders by providing expert trading tips, available around the clock and offering telemarketing.
VIP account holders at Easy Markets also receive cash discounts and SMS alerts on market movements.
It also has an Islamic account, as traders extend their daily trading until the next day without an extension fee.

How to deposit and withdraw

How to deposit and withdraw

EasyMarkets organizes the process of depositing money through credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets such as: Net teller, Web Money, Skrill, Global Collect and others that do not require commissions to deposit and withdraw, and do not have a minimum withdrawal as opposed to bank withdrawals Which reaches a minimum of $ 50.


The EasyMarkets platform provides traders with guaranteed fixed spreads as well as pending orders, stop loss points and guaranteed profit points. Traders can trade in Forex, CFD, and Spread. They can take advantage of graphs, but charts can not be traded, one click from Market Explorer and EA is not available.
Internet access is available 24 hours a day and there is protection against negative balance.

easyMarkets platform


The MT4 platform from Easy Markets offers all the advantages and advantages of the MT4 platform. Provide guaranteed fixed spreads, profit-taking points and stop fixed and guaranteed losses, but does not provide outstanding outstanding claims.
The platform must be loaded and all products can not be traded. The Inside Viewer service is not available. Live chat is available only from the website and deposits and withdrawals can be made via the trading platform only.

The platform on the mobile

EasyMarket's mobile platform was launched in April 2017 and offers traders the ability to trade in their daily lives, everywhere and anytime. The app on mobile is available on Android and iOS to provide a complete trading experience where it can replace trading from the office if you wish. Traders can deposit and withdraw money directly through the application, and can benefit from the unique service cancellation service provided by easyMarkets. The trader can use risk management tools, market analysis, economic notation and a wide range of charts directly from the application. The Inside View feature allows traders to see the deals of other Easy Market traders through the application. The app is available in English and Chinese, and other languages ​​may be available in the coming months.


1. EasyMarkets offer risk free trading. This is a great opportunity for traders who watch the market to protect themselves. If the market swings unexpectedly, traders can cancel trading within 60 minutes if they find that the market is moving against them. Trading mode, they can then allow trading to work, or cancel it if they want.
2 - The company also offers the option of "flannel" and is a type of assets provided to traders, which is not provided by many other intermediaries; where the options differ from the flannel binary options in several ways:
  • There is no limit on the amount of payments with Vanilla options, while there is a limit with binary options.
  • The end dates of flannel options are flexible and can be allocated by rolling.
  • Binary end dates are usually minutes or parts of minutes.
  • In addition, there is no obligation to implement at any time within the lifetime of the flannel option, while with binary options, traders have no recourse if the contract is entered into.
3. Traders with Easy Markets can trade all categories of assets on one simple platform
4 - Selection of stop loss points guaranteed
5. Free training and fixed fixed deployments
6. Support is available around the clock 5 days a week.
7 - rewards and special offers including:
  • When you deposit the first amount in your personal account, a welcome bonus of $ 25 or a trading bonus of up to 50% / $ 2000 is placed.
  • The trader can get up to $ 2,500 by bringing in new customers. Traders can use all the social media tools from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums, e-mails and blogs to share the EasyMarkets link.
It is a disadvantage of EasyMarkets that it allows only one hierarchical account.


EasyMarkets offers an educational center that offers programs and materials for beginners, middle and professionals in Forex trading. These materials include a collection of training videos, manuals, brochures, e-books and online explanations of the main principles and terms of Forex.
There is also a complete list of key trading indicators that traders should know about, such as PPI, housing starts, unemployment claims and much more.
Live forex quotes, spreads and previous declines are available on a separate site, "", which includes daily market news and a complete financial agenda. Their innovative feature is the graph analysis page where traders can choose the product they want to draw and analyze .


EasyMarkets strives to provide traders with everything they need from an excellent forex broker. There are a lot of asset options and the website is easy to use and useful and there are a lot of interesting features not found in many other intermediaries.

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