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Cryptocurrency retreats and Bitcoin settles around 10,000 dollar levels

2019-07-15 11:39 am | Resource: الاخبار | No Views : 66

Cryptocurrency retreats and Bitcoin settles around  10,000  dollar levels The world's most common Bitcoin currency briefly fell below the psychological level of $ 10,000 before trading sessions in Europe and the United States. Last week, according to data "Coin DSC", it is still higher by more than 160% since the beginning of the year,

Bitcoin's currency fell by 20% this weekend and returned to $ 10,000. As overall momentum continues to decline, we look at today's levels at which we can expect support and see where we can expect a reversal of this bearish trend. So far it seems that Bitcoin may have another dip at least, with a likely $ 9500 on the agenda.

Bitcoin has seen a significant drop in prices since Saturday, dropping 16% over the weekend, with more blood expected on Monday. While some traders said it was unlikely that the currency of Bitcoin again to less than $ 10,000 again, but the current price is at $ 10,000 after seeing a sharp decline that the price of up to $ 9800 before recovering more than 10,000 Dollars.

 July is so far the only significant month in 2019 that saw the emergence of the Bitcoin currency in the red zone. From February to June, the company saw a combined profit of more than 300% in the currency of Bitcoin.

US President Donald Trump criticized Cryptocurrency as a concept, saying it was "not money" and that its value was "highly volatile and dependent on thin air." Trump said last week that he was not impressed with Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, describing them as not money and highly volatile, "May be subject to full banking regulation if it wants to launch its default currency" Libra ".

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  • Bitcoin fell by more than $ 200, down 2.23% to trade against $ 9,966.60.
  • Etherium 7.1% also declined at $ 220.7. At 2:32 CET.
  • At the same time, XRP recorded a decline of 0.85% to trade at 0.31.

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