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Bitcoin rises 8 percent and trades around 11,000 dollar

2019-07-16 12:16 pm | Resource: New | No Views : 29

Bitcoin rises 8 percent and trades around 11,000  dollar Bitcoin traded more than 8% on Tuesday, surpassing the $ 11,000 level after a drop last week. The Cryptocurrency was in the news again after it was commented by US Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin, where Digital Libra digital currency planned by Facebook was stated by Menuchin that he would not allow digital asset providers to "operate in the shadows", referring to cases of Cryptocurrency use of money laundering And the financing of terrorism.

Manochine: Cryptocurrency must be compatible with all rules
The United States supports "responsible innovation" that improves the efficiency of the financial system and broadens access to services, but will not allow digital asset providers to "operate in the shadows," Treasury Secretary Steve Menuchin said on Monday. While speaking at the White House, he expressed concern about the "illegal activities" recorded in relation to the Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin highlighted the focus on the plan by Facebook Inc. And its twenty-seven partners to create Libra. All projects must implement the same guarantees and comply with the same rules as "traditional financial institutions," as he put it.

"The administration is taking seriously the role of the dollar as a global reserve currency," Menuchin said. He referred to cases of money laundering and terrorist financing and undertook to take the necessary action. The Treasury stressed that the emerging sector was a "national security issue" where Cryptocurrency was used for Internet crime, tax invasion, human trafficking and extortion.

Menuchin: Physbok must convince regulators about the Libra coin

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin said on Monday that Facebook still had "a lot of work to do" to convince regulators to support Libra's encrypted currency project.

Speaking at the White House, Menuchin said regulators were still concerned that the technology giant was launching its digital currency, especially on privacy issues, but noted that Facebook would be allowed to set up its own payment system if it persuaded regulators that it could do so. "Properly" and comply with "high standards" necessary to access the US financial system.

The Treasury Secretary confirmed that Facebook and any other technology company planning to enter into financial services would be subject to the same rules and standards as banks.
  • Bitcoin rose 7.91% compared to the dollar at 1:24 CET and sold at $ 11011. Recovery continues to leave the currency down 10% this week, falling by nearly 25% in one month.
  •   Etherium rose 5.3% to $ 229.90, while XRP rose 3.8% to $ 0.31601. Litecoin traded up 1.7% to $ 89.596.

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