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Bitcoin - Ethereum - Ripple - Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis | 11 September 2019

2019-09-11 08:34 am | Resource: Technical Analysis Section | No Views : 36

Bitcoin - Ethereum - Ripple - Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis | 11 September 2019 Technical analysis of the most important currencies in the market: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash, with recommendations and its expected prices.

Bitcoin "BTC" Technical Analysis | 11 September 2019

Bitcoin (BTC) rebounded yesterday from $ 10211 towards the downtrend line which failed to breach and fell to break $ 10107 due to pressure from sellers.
As the cryptocurrency approached the first support areas, it rebounded towards $ 10057 levels during this morning's trading.
Bitcoin "BTC" Technical Analysis | 11 September 2019
Bitcoin (BTC) is trading through a downtrend supported by breaking the $ 10089 low on the hourly interval and breaking the $ 9844 zones, and we do not recommend selling at the moment until the bullish trend line is broken.
The ADX is currently bearish and indicates that the bearish trend is growing stronger over time.
The 20 SMA is currently bearish.
Momentum indicator with default settings is bearish but sellers' momentum is weak at the moment.


It is expected that, in case of the digital currency breach zones of $ 10218, Bitcoin (BTC) may target $ 10,529.
On the other hand, if the Bitcoin (BTC) breaks areas of $ 9873, the cryptocurrency may target $ 9592.
Support: 9844-9421-9250
Resistance: 10107 - 10699 - 11068
Trend: Down

Ethereum (ETH) Technical Analysis | 11 September 2019

Cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) rebounded yesterday from $ 178.62 and continued to rise to $ 180.82 during morning trading.
As a result of weak demand, it fell towards $ 175.50 during morning trading.
Ethereum (ETH) Technical Analysis | 11 September 2019Cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH), Our outlook is neutral in time. "Since Wednesday's trading (last month), it has been trading in a range between $ 165 and $ 183.84 on the hourly interval."
The ADX indicator is not significant at the moment.
SMA 10 and SMA 20 are currently neutral as a result of not trading in a specific direction.
Momentum indicator with normal settings is currently neutral.


It is expected that, in the event of Ethereum (ETH) breakthrough zones of $ 180.82, digital currency may target $ 193.63.
Whereas, if the Ethereum (ETH) breaks the $ 174.82 area, it may target the $ 164.53 area.
Support: 171.24 - 164.53 - 160.00
Resistance: 183.82- 193.63- 202.71
Trend: Neutral

Ripple (XRP) Technical Analysis | 11 September 2019

The digital currency Ripple (XRP) during yesterday's trading bounced from areas of $ 0.2580, and continued to rise to areas of $ 0.2631, which fell towards areas of $ 0.2584.
Ripple (XRP) Technical Analysis | 11 September 2019
Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) so far "Our view is neutral given trading between $ 0.2390 levels and up to $ 0.2876 on the hourly time frame since mid-month trading so far."
The (ADX) index is still trading below the 20 pips, thus its signal remains neutral.
The 20 SMA is neutral and unchanged.
Momentum RSI 14 is currently neutral as a result of not trading through a specific direction.


It is expected that, in the case of Ripple (XRP) break the region of $ 0.2584, the digital currency may target $ 0.2464 area.
Whereas, if the cryptocurrency breaks the level of $ 0.2652, Ripple (XRP) may target $ 0.2773.
Support: 0.2464- 0.2250- 0.20
Resistance: 0.2672- 0.2814- 0.2934
Trend: Neutral

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Technical Analysis | 11 September 2019

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fell yesterday from $ 309.70 and continued to bleed to break the first support areas and continued up to $ 295.70.
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Technical Analysis | 11 September 2019
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Our outlook remains neutral as a result of not trading through a specific trend since the day before yesterday and so far on the hourly interval.
The ADX indicator is currently insignificant.
The 20 SMA is still neutral.
Momentum indicator RSI 14 is neutral as a result of not trading through a specific direction.


It is expected that, in case of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) breach area of ​​305.00, the cryptocurrency may target currency zone $ 309.02.
On the other hand, if the cryptocurrency breaks level of $ 296.20, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) may target $ 285.72.
Support: 286.43 - 271.44- 250.00
Resistance: 302.86- 319.47- 334.04
Trend: Neutral

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