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Commodities Analysis

TradingPeek offers daily technical analysis of the commodities and updates them in the middle of the day. Technical analysis professional team who one of the best technical analysts provide technical analysis of the commodities in the form of simple small articles explaining the daily price movement along with advanced technical analysis which is in explanatory article of the price movement.

Commodities Analysis

Gold Daily Technical Analysis | 18 July 2017

08:37 am 2017-07-18

The price of gold breached the resistance at 1231.84 which turned into a support for the current prices, which supports the yellow metal to find a target at resistance 1241.39, but the departure of prices from the point of entry makes the current prices not suitable for purchase. Although gold is positive but RSI needs to unload the saturation, prices may fall until support reaches 1231.84, and if positive price behavior appears at the mentioned support, it may be a good point to buy. The bullish scenario ends with the precious…More

Natural Gas Daily Technical Analysis | 18 July 2017

08:35 am 2017-07-18

Natural gas ended yesterday's trading higher than the two-day high of 3.046, but it was unable to maintain these levels due to yesterday's morning report, which is a weak situation for sellers and buyers, so close the natural gas at 3.022. Natural gas is trading in a side way direction between the levels of 3.022 to 2.991. Today, the pair achieved the first target of the classic flag pattern at 3.048 and started the correction in an attempt to stir the bull's appetite to buy again and increase the strength of the…More

Crude Oil Daily Technical Analysis | 17 July

12:07 pm 2017-07-17

Looking at the crude oil chart on the time frame, we notice that there is a bullish trend line in formation that is completed with the price again, and trading above the simple 20 SMA reflects the positive price. The rise of crude oil prices to breach the resistance at 46.88 dollars a barrel with the completion of the trend line mentioned above may be the reason for the high prices to target the level of 47.30 dollars per barrel. If prices fall below $ 45.90 a barrel, the price will…More

Gold Daily Technical Analysis | July 17

12:03 pm 2017-07-17

Gold is moving in a bullish direction after breaching the overall downtrend line as seen on the hourly chart, which needs to breach the resistance at 1231.8 to confirm the upside. Gold is likely to fall to test the broken trendline, so we await the breach of the above mentioned resistance, which if the price stability could lead to the level of 1241.3 dollars per ounce. Until the upside is confirmed, our outlook remains neutral as the fall below 1216.0 supports the return of the precious metal to the downside again, and then…More

Natural Gas Daily Technical Analysis | 17 July

09:04 am 2017-07-17

Natural Gas opened today's trading session with little difference from the end of last Friday's trading session, as it started trading today at 2.98 $. Currently, natural gas has breached the classical descending cross-sectional channel after testing the SMA 20 and above. The breakout that has occurred are some of the factors that may make it a false breach first, the weakness of the gas move after the breach, the move that happened coincidentally, in addition to the ADX index finally crossed negatively while it should intersect positively. The RSI…More

Natural gas Daily Technical analysis | 6 July 2017

08:08 am 2017-07-06

Natural gas is moving in a bearish direction, and the decline continued until prices approached support at 2.818 to bounce back and ascend as shown on the hourly chart. The recent uptrend in natural gas may be due to the need for the Stochastic oscillator to unload the oversold, as the trend is still bearish, breaking the support price at 2.818, with negative price behavior that might lead to price targeting support at 2.781. Support: 2.852 - 2.818 - 2.781. Resistance: 2.882 - 2.908 - 2.953. Trend: bearish.More

Silver Daily Technical analysis | 6 July 2017

08:00 am 2017-07-06

Silver prices are still in a bearish direction, and the decline continued until the price broke the support at 16.06 which turned into resistance to the current prices which are likely to lead to targeting new bearish levels. Silver trades below the simple 20, may lead to price targeting at 15.83 which, if breached, may find a second target at 15.44 and the oscillator oscillator below 50 will have a negative trend, which raises the possibility of achieving Scenario mentioned. The decline fails if the price rises to breach the bearish…More

Crude oil Daily Technical analysis | 6 July 2017

07:49 am 2017-07-06

Crude oil prices fell below support at 45.68 $ per barrel, which turned into resistance to the current price, after breaking the rising trend line which means confirmation of the decline and it is possible to target lower levels as long as prices below 47.21 $ per barrel. Despite the decline in Crude Oil and the confirmation of the break of the bullish trend line as mentioned above, it is possible that the price will face some upside correction as we see the emergence of a classic double bottom pattern complete with…More

Natural gas Daily Technical analysis | 5 July 2017

09:33 am 2017-07-05

Natural gas is moving in a minor bearish direction as shown on the hourly hourly chart, but the price failed to fall below support at 2.933 and returned to touch the bearish trend line. Thus, the classical form of the inverse triangle is completed, which can cause prices to return to the main upside, as the male model is a classical model of continuity. The classical pattern of the broken triangle confirms the breach of the price to the upper limit of the pattern and stability of the highest…More

Silver Daily Technical analysis | 5 July 2017

09:22 am 2017-07-05

Silver prices failed to fall without support at 16.06 which caused the bearish movement to stop, as shown on the hourly chart in the attached picture. The price of silver failed to breach the resistance at 16.20, after touching the price twice, which reflects the completion of the cross-trend, which makes the attention to neutral until the metal to the downside trend break the above support and stability below it, and if this scenario with the emergence of negative price behavior the price may target support at 15.83.More

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