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Stocks and Indices Analysis

At TradingPeek we offer advanced technical analysis of stocks and indicators including US indices and European indices. We also look at the Tradingpeek analysis of Arab equities and global equities as well as simple daily technical analyzes of indicators that give a quick look at the daily movement of the index.

Stocks and Indices Analysis

The US 30 Index Daily Technical analysis | 6 July 2017

06:57 am 2017-07-06

Our outlook for the US 30 stock index remains neutral until prices exit from the cross-section, which represents support at 21406 and the resistance at 21532 represents the upper limit. If the negativity of the US 30 stock index is to break the support at 21406 and succeed in stabilizing below it with the support of the behavior of the selling price, the price might find a target at 21306 support. If the PPP is pushing prices to breach the resistance at 21532, then we await confirmation of the breach of the…More

The US S and P 500 Index Daily Technical analysis | 6 July 2017

06:52 am 2017-07-06

The stock index of US S & P 500 is still trading in accidental direction; trading is limited between support at 2428.88 and resistance at 2434.64, whose price breach might target the resistance at 2446.01. The stock index of S & P 500 is also neutral on the technical indicators, with the index trading below the simple 20 SMA which acts as a negative resistance that reflects the negativity, while on the other side we see the positive cross on the Stochastic oscillator which reflects positive. Our view of…More

Will the wedge pattern succeed in pressing the eBay stock to complete the harmonic trading model !!

12:27 pm 2017-07-05

EBay shares are moving in a bullish direction, and the latest bullish wave started from February 2016 to the present, with little bearish waves, but it was little risk to the upside. Although the price has not broken for an important rally, there have been some signs that reflect the weakness of the trend, which could lead to a change in the direction of the share of eBay from the upward trend, which is as follows. The bullish wedge pattern is completed, which makes sure that the price is…More

The Nasdaq 100 index Daily Technical analysis | 5 July 2017

09:43 am 2017-07-05

The Nasdaq 100 index is in a bearish direction, as seen on the hourly chart, and if the price continues to fall below support at 5558.24, stability below it might find a target at 5476.45 support. Despite the bearishness of the US stock index, the Nasdaq 100, technical indicators point to a double decline, as the price divergence from the simple arithmetic average of 20 reflects the departure of prices from its normal rate. The RSI 14 move at level 20 indicates saturation Sell in this area. This may…More

The Germany Index Daily Technical analysis | 5 July 2017

09:10 am 2017-07-05

  Looking at the 30 hour Germany stock index hourly chart, prices are still trading sideways between support at 12462 and resistance at 12328, which in the case of a drop below the mentioned support the prices are back to the downside and prices may find a target at 12230 support. However, if the positive pressure on the Germany stock index 30, to rise and break the resistance at 12462, then needs to confirm the positive price breach resistance at 12555.5, and if this happens, the index may find a target at 12632.1 resistance.…More

The France 40 Index Daily Technical analysis | 5 July 2017

08:41 am 2017-07-05

The france 40 index is still accidental direction, which represents its upper resistance at 5216, and support at 5132 represents its lower limit. It is clear that the negativity controls the france 40 index, so we rule out the price break for the above mentioned resistance despite the price close, as the RSI 14 is moving below the 50 level heading down, which reflects negative prices. If the downside move continues until the lower border of the sideways trend is broken, we will see a negative price behavior. We…More

The US S and P 500 Index Daily Technical analysis | 5 July 2017

08:33 am 2017-07-05

The US S & P 500 index is moving in accidental direction after trading between support at 2423.12 which represents the lower border of the cross-direction and resistance at 2434.64. If the US S & P 500 is able to break through the resistance above, which represents the upper limit of neutrality, it may find a target at 2453.28 resistance. If prices fall below support at 2423.12, which represents the lower border of the cross-move, the downside may continue to reach support at 2416.0. Support: 2423.12 - 2416.0 - 2404.48.More

US Stock 30 Index Daily Technical analysis | 5 July 2017

08:21 am 2017-07-05

US stock index 30 failed to fall without support at 21459, which led to a price entry in an accidental direction that represents the support mentioned below its lower limit, and its upper limit is resistance at 21532. If the price of the US 30 index falls below the above support at 21459, in conjunction with the correlation of the indices with the decline, you may find the price target at 21406 support. If the pair takes a positive pressure on prices to push the index out…More

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