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Forex trading times

2017-07-21 09:21 am | No Views : 384

Forex is different from other stock exchanges. It is decentralized. The Forex market is affected by more than one international exchange, giving you the opportunity to trade throughout the day from Monday morning to Friday evening without a fixed time limit, but divided into periods throughout the day for each period. As we will recall.
Let us know why Forex is split into periods during the day, according to the stock exchange that operates in this period, and in periods of trading that operate more than one exchange, which makes this period characterized by high liquidity.

The most important international stock exchanges affecting Forex trading

But before we talk about trading periods in Forex, let's get to know the global stock markets that are affected and attached to the picture below, namely the Sydney Stock Exchange, Tokyo, London, Frank Fort and New York, and the most affected times when more than one global stock exchange at the same time.

After learning about the important international stocks that have an impact on Forex trading, let's get to know the features of the important periods, the Sydney Stock Exchange overlap with Tokyo, Frank Fort with London and the overlap of Fort Frank with regret and New York, the most liquid.

Interdependence periods of global exchanges in Forex trading

1 - The Tokyo Stock Exchange overlap with Sydney, this period is relatively calm, and only increased liquidity on the pairs linked to the Japanese yen.
2 - The period of Tokyo's overlap with London, the beginning of the high liquidity as the opening time of the London Stock Exchange close to the opening of the rest of the European Union stock exchanges, the euro is affected and thus affected by the rest of the pairs, which represents the euro party, so the yen is affected by this liquidity in trading today, The overlap is very short for an hour.
3- The most important period is New York's overlap with London and Frank Fort, which is the most liquid period as the New York Stock Exchange is one of the most liquid exchanges in the world. Many currencies are linked to the Euro, Benefit.
Dear reader, we have finished explaining the timing of the global stock exchanges that affect forex trading, while clarifying the periods of overlap of the stock exchanges in order to choose the period in which you will work with your trading style. If you are a trader for example, it would be risky to trade the New York Stock Exchange with London, This makes your Forex trading safe.

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