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Bitcoin Cash is the natural evolution of electronic currency

2017-08-04 11:07 pm | No Views : 505

A new development of e-currency, a word that started in August 2017, won first, and then slowed down to a 32% drop on Friday, but what is the Bitcoin Cash, whether it is useful for trading or not, In this report, we'll try to learn new information about this currency.
"Bitcoin Cash", a new version of the currency of "Bitcoin", which allows to reduce the time taken in transactions in electronic currency.
Analysts predicted that "Bitcoin" split into more than one type of asset would put pressure on the current value of the currency, which has seen successive highs in recent times.
According to the BBC, a financial expert confirmed that the new split of the Bitcoin would create chaos in the electronic currency market, causing many trading platforms to reject this new currency, which means that investors who depend on Bitcoin will be deprived of the benefits New features of the new version, unless they change the platforms they deal with.

The difference between "Bitcoin" and "Bitcoin cash"

The "Bitcoin Cash" came into being as a result of the operation of the hard fork, which is planned. The currency is different from the regular currency of "Bitcoin" in three directions:
•    For Segwayet activation: Bitcoin Cash will not execute Seagwayet.
•    For Block Size: There will be an instant increase from 1MB to 8MB.
•    For co-existence: Re-activation and elimination of protection ensures continuity of the two chains in the competition, as the currency of the home Cash aims to reduce the disruption of the user and allow the safe existence of both series.
With the emergence of the currency and the start of trading, the currency has fluctuated significantly. On its first day, it saw a profit of 130%, while its second day fell by 25%. On the third day, the decline increased to 32%. Volatility for a period that lengthens or shortens as the new currency adapts to the trading market.

Trading of "Bitcoin Cash" started in different platforms

The new currency began trading on August 2 of this year, and show the reader how the currency has been through the 3 days that have passed so far in the beginning of trading through the following.

"Bitcoin Cash" rises 130% | 2 August 2017

The new electronic currency, "Bitcoin Cash," managed to make a big leap on its second day after it was launched Tuesday (August 1st) with the support of e-currency developers, to finish third in the list of electronic currencies.
Bitcoin Cash rose 130%, winning more than $ 300, after the first day of its launch.
By 12:25 pm GMT, Bitcoin Cash rose 129.7 percent to $ 636.99.
The market value of the currency of "Bitcoin Cash", more than $ 6 billion in less than 24 hours, up to 10.5 billion dollars.

25% drop in the price of "Bitcoin Cash" | 3 August 2017

The price of the currency "Bitcoin Cash", on Thursday, by 25.5%.
By 12:40 GMT, the currency reached $ 444.1, down 25.5 percent.

The decline continues at 32% as the original currency rose | 4 August 2017

The currency of Bitcoin Cash fell 32% on Friday, continuing the decline for the second day in a row, while the "Bitcoin", a significant increase during the same period.
Bitcoin Cash fell sharply today, dropping to fourth in the electronic market by market value, and trading roles with the original currency "Bitcoin", which saw a significant rise during the same day.
By 3:13 pm GMT, the new electronic currency, Bitcoin Cash, fell 31.9% to $ 270.9, recording a market value of $ 4.64 billion, against a level of over $ 10 billion in market value for the second day of trading. During the same period by 3.1% to $ 2852.7, to increase its market value by 47.03 billion dollars.

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