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Ethereum .. A coin is on its way to change the world

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Ethereum .. One of the electronic currency competition in the trading market and digital currencies, which have become very large in recent times, in a controlled and controlled.
Citi is not considered a currency in the real sense, although it is traded against other digital currencies, but it is a system of intelligent contract systems, which is different from traditional contracts in that it is without an intermediary, as with Bitcoin, the most popular digital currency.

What is ethereum?

If you are familiar with digital currencies, you will be surprised now when I tell you that there is no currency called the ethereum, which is a decentralized system or can be likened to a huge global computer that operates continuously without interruption. Anyone can access it but it is strictly controlled And very powerful, no one can have any cheat or change it, they are just devices connected to each other through this smart system to be the system of ethereum, according to a group of applications that perform a number of commands as the so-called intelligent contract, Which we have already mentioned at the beginning of the subject.


Each programmer works in the ethereum system. It has a valuable supporting power in creating the intelligent contract. It is a monetary value provided by the programmer to the customers on the network. The two use their personal computers to conclude the smart contracts and sign the contract and verify how safe it is. Biloxin is the same as with ethereum.
In this sense, the digital ether coin has emerged, ranking second in strength after Betquin.

The onset of ethereum

The Ethereum project was launched in 2013 by a young Russian-Canadian man named Vitalic Butran. The ether coin was officially launched in August 2015 and mining by mining companies began, and there was an enormous increase in demand for it. Share prices. 

The difference between Bitcoin and ethereum 

The difference between Bitcoin and ethereum

Some people say that ethereum is the next bitcoin, although there are some differences between the two currencies, the most important of which are:


The supply in Bitcoin is limited as it gradually exports to a declining rate, and it has been previously declared that in 2140 there will be 21 million Bitcoin, unlike the unlimited ethereum designed on the basis that it has unlimited mining and release capacity of up to 18 million ethereum per year .

Transaction Speed:

Transactions on the ethereum were about 15 seconds, recording the higher speed of the digital transactions, which confirms the increase in the volume of liquidity and fluctuations, and Bitcoin treatment takes about 10 minutes.


Bitcoin appeared for the sole purpose of the digital coin, while the ether arose to act as a coin for the ethereum platform.
Ethereum is making significant gains. Analysts expect more profits
At the beginning of the new currency in 2015, the price was not more than two dollars, and in the first quarter of 2017 did not exceed the price of twenty US dollars, but today the price of etherium has exceeded 300 US dollars, that is doubled in 2017 by 3700%, and some analysts to arrive Its price to one thousand dollars by the end of 2017.

Ethereum Union Foundation: 

Ethereum Union Foundation

Is a huge consortium of 500 Fortune magazine companies including Intel, Microsoft, JPMorgan, Credit Suisse, Reuters Media, and many other global technology, financial and media institutions as well as academics, researchers and developers from around the world.
The ethereum consortium aims to adopt, standardize and develop this technology for global exploitation in various fields. Of course, it is these companies' recognition of the value of this technology and the great change it can make in the world that led to the formation of this institution.
It is worth mentioning that this promising currency is worth investing in today before tomorrow. It has increased in value in less than a year by 3700% and there is a possibility of doubling this value to more than 3 times by the end of this year. Ethereum technology is capable of achieving the impossible and changing the world. .

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