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Ripple .. your cheapest way towards electronic wealth

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In our talk today on electronic currencies, we show you dear reader the most important knowledge about the currency of the ripple, the currency, which is one of the most popular international currency, which ranks third in terms of liquidity.
Ripple was produced by a company called Open Queen under the chairmanship of co-founder Chris Larsen in 2013, with a large number of investors.

What is the Ripple?

Ripple is one of the digital currencies in the exchange and exchange currency exchange sites, which is symbolized by the symbol "XPR", operates with the system of payment network, which aims to provide free payments worldwide with the possibility of dealing and payment of any currency through the use of some exchange sites.
The goal is to enable the individual to be free from the constraints of some financial networks such as PayPal, banks and credit cards, through the RIBL can be free of charge without the need for licenses or payment of fees.

The idea of ​​the Ripple

The presence of the Ripple in this world is thanks to Open Queen, a partnership between Chief Executive Officer Chris Larsen and JD McCallb, the last to know the digital currency, With its great knowledge of the currency of the Betquin.

The utility of the Ripple

The purpose of this digital currency is to allow individuals to transfer their money without the need for banks to request amounts under financial charges. The currency is also intended to reduce the time of implementation of this process, not only to transfer funds but also to pay money on the Internet to buy anything, As proven by Open Quinn, the producer of Ripel, it maintains the liquidity and flow of funds freely and completely, and built a swing for the decentralized digital currency developed by the currency of the Betquin.
According to David Charters, director of coding and coding of the currency, the new digital currency has been produced to link the various payment systems, after it was very difficult before that.

The way the ripple works

New information about the Ripple

The Ripple platform serves two purposes: an open source payment network and a home for the new XRB currency, and as a payment network that provides the ripple free global payments and the ability to pay in any currency through the use of currency exchange sites with an open protocol that any developer can use. And users can use it for free and without authorization. "
Participants can exchange the dollar, yen and euro, and all these currencies enter the system through a "gateway" that may be a friend, neighborhood or group, and if a hacker penetrates one of the gates the user can move to the next gate and the only currency that will not need to be entered into the platform The ripple ripple across the gate is "XRP", and this feature excels on "Pictuen".
You can get a ripple coin and get 50 units of gift ripple when you register at the company website.

Ripple and Bitcoin

There is a great similarity between the currency of the ripple and the betcone. The two are a digital currency, both can be transferred from one account to another without the need for an intermediary, and they provide digital insurance to protect against the possibility of counterfeiting money.
However, the ripple is a non-competitive currency for the consumer. The riyal is a currency as a complement to itself without the need to compete with any other currency.
"The Ripple will open a number of portals for Bitcoin users to facilitate the causes of global financial dealings," said Steven Thomas, developer of the Ripple Protocol.

Ripple and the future

The company is currently planning to provide nearly 100 billion riyals, half of which is planned for the financial deal, while the company plans to retain the remaining half.

Ripple value

The price of the Ripple is different from time to time. Currently, the price of one riyal is $ 0.218679, equivalent to 0.00012198 BTC. This increase continues due to increased demand for the currency.

Convert the ripple to any other currency

You can activate this account by proving your personal identity and address and how to obtain it by entering the company's platform and creating an account and activating the email to indicate gatehub platform You are protected with strong protection by Google Authenticator.
After completing the registration process you must activate your account by sending a copy of your identity card or passport and a copy of the proof of the address as a bill of water or electricity or bank statement. The address must be identical to the card and your account will be activated for up to 24 hours.
The method of buying ripple ripple is done either through the formation or bank transfer or ethium and ethium Classic, and the pressure on the deposit.
The method of withdrawing money from the gatehub platform is made in the same way as the deposit, either by bank transfer, formo, ethium, and ethium-classic.

Ripple is a free coin but ..

The ripple does not collect transaction fees in the same way as PayPal, banks and credit cards.
However, a very small fraction of each ripple is deducted from each transaction, and the purpose of this deduction is to protect the system from trying to place millions of transactions at the same time.

The largest UAE exchange company in talks with the founders of the Ripple to use its technology

One of the UAE's oldest money changers and money changers said it was in talks with US-based Bluebill, about payments to the technology. Where the United Arab Emirates Exchange is looking for a deal with Al-Ribeel to help it make real-time cross-border payments through the use of plocin. Pluxin is an electronic transaction processing and archiving system that allows parties to track information in a secure network without the need for third-party verification. It is the core technology that facilitates the use of electronic currencies or "encrypted currencies", such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, which are becoming increasingly popular around the world.
The United Arab Emirates Exchange said that the integration of the proxies in its operations will help increase speed and reduce the cost of remittances by its customers. Finance House has already invested in two other companies that have been associated with glucosin for the past six months. Promethean Mangat, CEO of Emirates Exchange Group, told Arabian Business, "The UAE has invested heavily in the technology of the plocin. In June of this year, the group invested in Loyyal, an innovative blocin building a global loyalty network. "The brand has also joined the Biloxin, a group of banks seeking to explore, build and implement the Balukshin solutions early on This year, and is in the process of linking [Deal] with the modern account book distributor, RIBLE, to make real-time payments across borders".

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