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Bitcoin reaches to 100,000 Dollar soon

2017-09-05 04:23 pm | No Views : 554

Bitcoin reaches to 100,000 $ soon

Harvard University researcher Dennis Porto said the price of the electronic currency Bitcoin would exceed $ 100,000, based on Moore's law.
This came during a recent interview with Multiplex founder Brian Rummel, in an interview based on Moore's Law.
Moore's law, referred to as the founder of Intel Gordon Moore, suggests in 1965 that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits has doubled each year since its invention. The law essentially explains the exponential growth of technology and the rapid rate of expansion.
Like Intel's integrated circuits and NVIDIA chipsets, the value of the home-made value has grown in value since early 2009 and has been the world's best performing asset and performance for the past eight years, with the exception of 2014, according to strategist Tom Lee. And to perform again at the end of 2017.
Lee stressed that the rapid increase in demand for institutional investors would undoubtedly achieve their best performance this year and that investors would find it easier to invest in Bitcoin rather than a "basket of US equities."
He pointed out to me that he believed that the lucky bitcoin, with the potential for huge institutional patronage coming, had a lot of electronic currency characteristics, which somewhat resembled gold, making electronic currency the ultimate attractive factor as an alternative currency to gold.
Companies advised me to buy Bitcoin directly today through an intermediary, keeping in mind that open options for futures trading would make the currency grow in holdings.
There are many reasons why prominent analysts and traders are confident of Bitcoin. Perhaps the most important reason is the currency's ability to adapt, making it digital gold, becoming a safe haven and long-term investment.
Investors bought Bitquin as a wealth management product to protect portfolios from economic uncertainty and the volatility of global markets.
The advantage of electronic currency, the process of transport and high liquidity, which made traders prefer Bitcoin gold because of those applications, to allow the use of digital gold or digital currency.
"Bitcoin's liquidity will only increase over the coming months at a fast pace," he said, adding that there are some of the world's largest markets and trading platforms, including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and commercial banks.
"The first reaction to Bitcoin's services is very encouraging," said Arthur Vailoyan, global head of products and services at Falcon. "He is convinced that three new assets will be added from Blocchin to meet the needs of future customers.
With the global dependence on Bitcoin, as gold and the digital currency continue to rise at an increasing rate, the value of the property will reach US $ 100,000, as expected by Porto and many other financial analysts.

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