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«Dash» .. the most transparent electronic currency

2017-09-27 07:39 pm | No Views : 423

Dash coin

A new electronic currency, which will be the focus of the modern day, that is Dash coin, which open-source encrypted currency, which is offered by many other currencies, while characterized by their immediate and special transactions and decentralized management.

The beginning of Dash

The Dash was issued on January 18, 2014 under the name of Darcoin. The name was changed on March 25, 2015 to become a dash, transparent and highly honest, and the total currency is expected to reach 18.9 million currencies around the world. In 2300 ... see the annual production of the Dash currency
At the beginning of the launch of the currency, 1.9 million coins were extracted from them, equivalent to 10% of the offer. In June 2017, the daily trade volume of Dash exceeded $ 100 million per day. Analysts expected the currency to exceed 1.4 billion per day.

What is the currency of Dash?

Dash is not simply a currency clone, but it is the delivery of the evolving truth. Currency encryption, innovation, review of each side of the technology and its capabilities in the encrypted currency market. It is also the first privacy currency, Other currencies.
The Dash currency uses two levels, running on a "masternodes" system that is always connected to the network, safe and capable of providing multiple network services, and a peer-to-peer peer system.
With this currency, money can be transferred anywhere, to anyone with a portfolio, and these transfers can not be tracked or blocked by third parties and create many trading opportunities for that currency.

Currency Electronic Dash

Specification of Dash

The dash is based on the encryption algorithm (X11) of the scientific hash functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavit, simd, echo)
Each block needs 2.5 minutes to manufacture, and the currency is characterized by a decrease in the production of coins by 7% per year.

Dash Financing

Dash is the first independent decentralized organization supported by Sibisl Berhan. Decentralized governance is a means of reaching a consensus on the proposed changes. The system of financing the currency is called the Treasury System. 10% of the currency rewards go to the Treasury, which in turn finances and develops projects that serve Dash, used this system to recruit more developers to promote the electronic currency.
In September 2015, Treasury provided $ 14,000 in monthly funding due to Dash's dividend increases. In May 2017, the Treasury provided $ 650,000 per month for financing. This system created a positive feed cycle that pushed the currency for permanent development.

Dash Wallet

The wallet is available on all systems from Windows, Linux, Mac and Android, and you can download it here
As for the paper wallet, you can download it here
As fo Blockchain You can extract it from here

Trading and Currency Exchange

Dear reader, you can trade and exchange the currency of Dash through many websites, including:

The price of the day

Dash came in late Wednesday, down 0.22% against the USD, reaching 343$.

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