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Litecoin .. Silver version of electronic currencies

2017-10-02 09:04 pm | No Views : 753

Litecoin .. Silver version of electronic currencies

A new electronic coin will be the focus of our conversation today, dear reader, it is the currency of litecoin, the silver coin of the alternative currency "Bitcoin".

Litecoin's appearance

The coin was announced in 2011 and was named Silver in view of its silver color. This was the currency of the gold coin "Bitcoin", and when it was announced it was the most common currency after Bitcoin.
Litecoin was founded by the former engineer of Google Charles Lee on October 7th, 2011. Its founder dedicated its currency to its production, with 84 million coins being allocated worldwide.

Litecoin mining

Litecoin is different from Bitcoin in many important variations, the most important of which is the mining algorithm. Valle Quinn uses the S-crypt method, but in fact this algorithm is integrated with the Bitcoin algorithm, under the term "script."
Litecoin requires only two minutes to get two certifications. Accept the process, unlike Bitcoin, which needs at least 5 minutes. However, Betquin excels on Litecoin in the world's most famous and popular, as well as the most heavily traded on other electronic currencies, followed by Litecoin, Here came the reason for the label in the silver coin of the Litecoin, and the gold of the Bitcoin.

Buy Litecoin

You can buy, sell and sell easily, on a number of stock exchanges using all types of currencies, and you can select Litcoin in stock exchanges under the LTC or XLT currency symbol.
Some of the Forex that were nominated by the official website of the Litecoin to buy the currency are:
To browse the Forex website click here
To browse the Forex website click here
To browse the Forex website click here
To browse the Forex website click here

Litecoin Wallet

You can store your storage securely in a wallet in several different ways.
To download the Litecoin Wallet on Windows.
To download the Litecoin Wallet on Mac.
To download the Litecoin Wallet on Android phones.
To download the Litecoin Wallet on IOS phones.
To download the Litecoin Wallet on linux.
And now dear reader, we leave you to watch the video posted by the official website about the Litecoin to identify it .. To watch click here

Litecoin in the electronic currency market

Volume on the litecoin process: 81.521.467.0 USD
The market value of the litecoin currency: 2,835,345,082.2 USD
The current price of the litecoin: 53.29497644 USD

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