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Zcash- promising future and security trading

2017-10-14 06:51 pm | No Views : 509


A new electronic currency will be the focus of our conversation today, dear reader, as you are doing trading to explain the various electronic currencies, today is complete this explanation in the currency ZCash, but at the beginning we have to know some information about this currency to be able to mining currency And profit from them.

Price Zcash in front of the Bitcoin and the dollar

If we look at the price of the skips in front of the Bitcoin we will find that it is 0.0428 Petcuene for one cup, while the market value of this currency now equals 102370.04 Bitcoin, and the volume reached 11,174 Bitcoin.
The price of the dollar against the dollar rose by 4.23% to reach 238 dollars, with a market value of 569332971.3 dollars, and the volume of circulation of this electronic currency 62 million dollars.

How Zcash works

The currency encrypts transactions between the sending and receiving parties, using a protocol called zero-knowledge proof with a cryptographic device called zk-SNARK which is responsible for hiding the transfer information and makes it exclusively available to both parties, the sender and the addressee. This information is hidden from other users, To anyone who knew it even if it was the same developer.
What you need only Dear reader is that your device is available on RAM above 4 GB, and if less then the payments will be sent in a normal way free of privacy.

Mining of Zcash

Anyone can access a Zcash mining network via a computer and are effectively mining the GPU, or use the CPU processor to mine this currency but less effectively.

Zcash Trading Method

ZCash is a very popular digital currency and is almost present on most digital currency platforms such as Polonix, Brix and others. You can also buy ZCash from many conversion sites and store them in a special wallet that is installed on your device or in the online portfolio.

The future of Zcash currency

All experts in the field of digital currency have a promising future, because of its advantages and being one of the safest currencies. The price has risen significantly in the first quarter of 2017 and continues to rise. The price now stands at $ 238, Eleventh in the order of digital currencies in terms of liquidity.

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