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SONM .. Now you can mining electronic currencies

2017-11-08 04:08 pm | No Views : 698

SONM .. Now you can mining electronic currencies

Today, dear reader, about e-currencies, but the conversation will be different, today we will try to introduce you new about SONM, a new company in the field of electronic currency mining.

What is SONM?

The abbreviation for "Supercomputer organized by Network Mining" is a giant computing technology organized by network mining.

What is the SONM project?

Is a massive global cloud computing project supported and introduced by the digital currency "Etherium". This project aims to transform computer mining into episodes of a global network of supercomputer capable of processing that require resources of any kind.
According to the white book presented by SONM, it is a giant, decentralized, decentralized electronic network around the world for general computing purposes from the site hosting scientific computations, and cloud computing can be considered a form of distributed cloud computing where computing tasks are not sent to large remote but cultured remote data centers For more localized networks of end-user devices.
From a technical point of view, SONM is the top layer of BTSync's underlying data transfer technologies, and open-source Cocaine technology as a platform for decentralized computing and smart etherium contracts as a consensus.
SNM uses a symbol of the same name (SNM) on the etherium coin cluster, and SNM was completed only 12 hours later. The company announced that the sales had reached $ 42 million, and after that success SNM codes were launched on the stock exchange, including HitBTC and EtherDelta.
The SONM business model is based on the fact that the computing market has enjoyed double growth every year over the past few years. According to the team, cloud computing is more efficient and faster than cloud services.

SONM goal

SONM wants to be a hub for data collection, providing a P2P market to connect end users to cloud computing service providers.
Mining is a work of computing through cloud computing servers to perform tasks. In exchange for their work, prospectors are rewarded with SONM codes that they can use to pay for other services on the platform or in cash for exchanges. End users can save time and money using SONM, To conclude their tasks, prospectors can lend unused computing power and generate revenue by running tasks on their computers.
For Internet prospectors, SONM gives them the opportunity to earn codes by making calculations for each person in the network, via any smart device (CPU and smartphone) anywhere in the world, and can benefit by joining the foggy network and handling With computing power through the SONM application.


Paolo Tasca, a digital economist and blockbuster expert, recently joined the SONM Advisory Board for Economic and Technological Affairs, as well as being the Executive Director of the Cluster Technology Cluster Center at the University College London, a cluster consultant to the United Nations, the European Parliament, Who is a participant in the Banking Guide for the 21st Century.
"We have reached the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will fundamentally change the way we live and work and connect with each other," said Tasca. "The new technology has transformed our society dramatically into something very different from what we have been thinking about for the last few decades, He pointed out the importance of possibilities that have been secured by billions of people and smart devices collectively associated with unprecedented processing power, high storage capacity, and access to extensive knowledge.

SONM will own the world soon

Tuska said that by 2025, the Internet will become every household in the world, and by 2030 there will be 100 billion Internet-connected devices.
Under this extraordinary wave of connectivity and digital transformation, SONM will allow cloud computing to process an infinite amount of data flowing from sensors and connected devices that will surround our business and private lives, changing products and habits, making the company dominates the digital world very big.

SONM joins OpenFog

On January 13, 2018, SONM joined and became a member of the OpenFog consortium. The OpenFog consortium is a global organization founded by Cisco, Dell, Intel, Microscope and Princeton University to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing worldwide. Growth has become a leading system with more than 60 members from all over the world.
This membership will allow the company to play a major role in shaping the technical foundation of technological systems, and will create new jobs naturally, and help it to achieve its own project, the production of a giant computer with decentralized decoding technology, to serve as a server for many technology projects.

SONM evolved from itself to be completely secure for users

Our system supports cloaking tools such as proxy, VPN, or Tor, but can not be used as a tool by hackers
The intelligent system has been developed to be self-learning by using networks and keeping questionable users out of the system, while at the same time offering effective solutions to the different tasks of both the metal and the purchaser of the computing forces.
In addition, Soneem's computing power-changer has the same features as free-market, and thus discards distributors and users who are doubtful because they have a bad reputation.

SONM secures its wallet to prevent theft

After a bug in some e-currency portfolios that resulted in a $ 280 million freeze due to a system malfunction by online thieves, which froze the funds of start-ups and prestigious projects, the company decided to develop from its own wallet system , To make them insures in a way that is difficult to penetrate, and to protect them from any interruptions that keep money from those who use them.

SONM announces partnership with STORJ

At the beginning of November last year, the company signed a technical agreement with Sturg, announcing the strategic cooperation between the two companies, which gave the company the ability to install and collect data, Vestorg is an easy-to-use, cloud storage company that encrypts the client, Exchange of information without relying on SQL Server, which is similar to Sonm, for this there will be peer-to-peer interaction, but this competition will be settled for Sonm.

Technical analysis for SNM in the long term

The digital currency is trading in a major bullish direction while trading in a minor bearish direction in the short term and currently the currency is approaching the 0.2328 zones which are strong support areas.
Technical analysis for SNM in the long term
Currently, our neutral view of the trading of the electronic currency 0.3094 to 0.2824 areas
By analyzing the default currency chart on the hourly interval we notice a false break of the classical symmetrical triangle through which the digital currency is trading mid-January this year.
Technical analysis for SNM in the long term
Momentum shows the weakness of the sellers of a positive intersection with the emergence of positive candles such as coffee bar and bar bar (inside bar), all models indicate the weakness of the bear.
We recommend buying with a breach of the $ 0.31 area and up to 0.35 for the first target of 0.40 which are very important levels. By penetrating the 0.40 area, the digital currency may target 0.80: 0.85 $.
Very important support and resistance areas:
Support: 0.200- 0.1117
Resistance: 0.41- 0.60

SNM price in stock

SNM suffered a decline on 31 January 2018, reaching 0.00002885  Bitcoin.
As for its price against the US dollar, it reached $ 0.288150 .
And its price before the etherium, and reached 0.00026151 ethereum.

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