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OmiseGo .. Time for electronic financial exchanges

2017-11-15 02:07 pm | No Views : 803

OmiseGo .. Time for electronic financial exchanges

It seems that the 
electronic currency market will not go unnoticed in this world, and the development of technology, e-currencies have succeeded in booking a big seat in the money market, and today we will talk about one of the electronic currencies and major projects, which aims to offer a centralized exchange of electronic currency online.
OmiseGO is a financial technology company based on the platform of e-currency, which offers a centralized exchange of electronic currency online and payment platform, created for the use of digital portfolios in the modern world, to allow exchanges and payments at the same time between people.

Project OmiseGo

Technology based on the etherium platform, and also based on Omise, one of South Asia 's most popular payment platforms, the parent company' s parent team is one of the most admired ethereum and has already made companies with the bonds of the plocin.
As mentioned above, OMG is a service to manage and convert financial values ​​such as real currencies, digital and other bonds through an SDK and payment platform.
The OmiseGo system uses a traditional payment system to manage their own payment system without using any bank account.
One of the most important markets of the OMG is Remittances (the money sent by their expatriates to their families in Diar), and they want to attract customers to use OmiseGo's portfolio and system because of commissions, fast transactions and ease of use.
The project will focus on regular currencies and digital decimal currencies at the same time. OMG's positive side is that their project is complete and has more than 100 workers, and Omise is one of the largest holding companies in the South Asian market in recent years.

How OmiseGo works

There are two basic types of products in the ecosystem of OmiseGo, a cluster system (e-currency) system, and a portfolio.
OmiseGo allows decentralized exchanges on a large, low-cost public mass chain. With this platform, OmiseGo offers a next-generation value conversion service that operates across currencies and asset types.
Any person will be able to use the OmiseGo network, (connected to the main etherium network) to conduct financial transactions.
It is possible financial transactions that can be done with OmiseGo: payments, remittances, payroll deposit, B2B trade, supply chain financing, loyalty programs, asset management, trading and other services.
The platform also makes it easy for millions of users to participate in the world of CryptoKernes, which can easily switch from using paper money to decentralized currencies such as ETH, BTC, and others.
The ultimate goal of OmiseGo is to create a state of full competition in the world of currencies.

Features of OmiseGo

Hasegawa, the founder of the project, emphasized the following three basic characteristics across the portfolio of blockbusters and the cluster:

1- Access: There is no need for a bank account to access the exchange, and it has a full national licensed reserve.

2- Expandability: Immediate adjustments and low costs will be key features of its platform.

3- Security: They offer decentralized currencies and paper-based decentralization through codes.

generally the OmiseGo

Is the answer to the basic coordination problem between payment processors, portals and financial institutions.
By enabling decentralized exchange on Pluchein in large quantities and low cost, the next-generation value-added conversion service operates across currencies and asset types.
Through the Umesjo network connected to the etherium network, anyone will be able to conduct financial transactions such as payments, transfers, payroll filing, B2B trade, supply chain financing, loyalty programs, asset management, trade and other services on demand, in a decentralized and inexpensive manner.
In addition, millions of users in the world's largest developing economies will be able to move from using funds to decentralized currencies such as ETH, BTC, and others.
The OmesiGo Network is intrinsically committed to financial and decentralization: for adoption and use, the system is created to win the best currency.

Quick information about OmesiGo

Currency name: OmiseGo
Symbol: OMG
Official website:
Its founder: Jun Hasegawa
Headquarter: Bangkok, Tokyo, Jakarta, Singapore.
Proof type: POS
Logo in English: Unbank the banked with Ethereum

OMG price in the currency market

With a quick look at the price of the currency compared to the dollar, we find it at $ 7.90 and it was able to jump higher against its "Bitcoin" theory to 0.00117437, but fell in front of the ethreum to reach 0.02348440.

Note: Prices listed in the topic on 15-11-2017.

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