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Forex is the currency market This market includes all the currencies of the world and you can buy or sell any currency once it is traded, as the currency market trading in all the major global inches, for example the stock market, the London Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, New Zealand Stock Exchange.
The word Forex is an English word consisting of two words, which is (Foreign) and this word means foreign or foreign and the second word is (Exchange), which means exchange or change.


The Forex market is the largest financial market in terms of volume, trading in this market equivalent to 3: 4 trillion dollars a day.

Forex Trading Hours:

Forex Trading Hours

Trading in Forex is very exciting as it never stops. There are 5 trading days starting Monday through Friday evening.
As soon as the Asian session, which consists of the Australian session, ends with a session in New Zealand and finally Tokyo (at 7 am and 9 am respectively), the European session (consisting of France, Belgium and Germany) will begin at 7 p.m., London session at 9 p.m. European Stock Exchange is starting to work at 1 pm to announce a period that is considered the highest in terms of volume during the whole day.
All of the stock exchanges listed above operate 8 hours from the opening time and all the notes are timed according to Global GMT.

How do you trade in Forex?

Trading in Forex is not difficult and does not require special abilities. It requires learning technical analysis or basic analysis. This can be done through our on-site lessons or learning courses in Forex and reading the books of senior analysts and speculators to understand what Forex is and how to profit from it.

Is forex trading risky?

If you do not know how to swim in the sea, the swimming pool will be a risk to your life. The same idea if you do not understand Forex and do not know how to trade it would be very dangerous because you could lose all your money in one deal. If you do not know how to manage your money, It is a matter of loss, but margin trading may lead to leveraging, so we do not prefer to trade it without prior knowledge.
Forex has the advantage of trading is not real accounts called (demo) enables you to simulate trading but without paying one cent.

Is Forex Trading Halal?

There is no unified agreement among all that trading in the currency market is haraam or halal. Some see it as halal if it is in the Islamic way, ie without interest, and the other considers it haraam due to non-occurrence of the sessions of the contract and immediate possession of hand in hand indicated by the Prophet peace be upon him.
Currently there are some brokers offering the advantage of actual trading (contract sessions in modern times) meaning that the center opened by the example of buying the euro against the dollar is actually selling the dollar and the euro, but this system requires accounts are not small because most accounts are carried out by the so-called (dealing desk) That, which you put not actually implemented in the markets, but implemented between you and the mediator, if you win win from the mediator and if you lose the mediator takes your money.

Difference between Forex and Stocks:

Forex is based on the same idea of ​​stocks but developed something in terms of, follow most of the brokers of the famous platform MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, which has been explained in detail in this video Click here to watch.
The MetaTrader platform is not the only one that the broker does not force. Most brokers have several platforms and you can also subscribe to paid external platforms.
Some stock markets such as the Arab markets do not offer the opportunity to buy and sell, unlike the currencies can buy and sell and also some stock exchanges do not allow the possibility of selling and buying during the session and the implications of this feature is high commissioning something unlike the Forex commissions are based on the idea of ​​the difference between the selling and buying price is in most currencies Low.

Difference between Forex and Stocks

The Forex market does not require large capital to start trading. You can open an account starting from $ 5, unlike the stock markets, where there are no good shares at this price, if any, the broker may not accept the execution of this position.
The stock market can be easily controlled by the Marker Makker, two large trading funds that enter a controlled share to raise its price and conduct on individuals. While the currency market, a trading fund can not control any currency or pair as a result of the intervention of central banks and major banks in the country such as JP Morgan Sachs, Deutsche Bank, UBS and last but not least Barclays Bank.
The volume of trading in the currency market is larger than that of a group of stock exchanges around the world, where we mentioned that it is from $ 3 trillion to 4, which is most estimates, but the stock market does not exceed trading volume of several billion.
You can trade 24 days 5 days a week and stocks 8 hours within 5 working days. If the stock market is closed, you can not trade it if you want to buy a Facebook stock that is trading on an American stock. Unlike the currency market, the dollar can be bought or sold at any time of the day.
If you want to seize the opportunity to trade in the stock markets, you need to analyze hundreds of shares, which is considered a lost effort as a result of the control of the board in the stock, such as what happens in most Arab stock exchanges or control a fund in a stock that moves the news to serve reconciliation, as happens in some shares The world is but a few currencies and the pairs that are commonly traded are known and do not exceed ten pairs.
The Forex market is based on a principle that rewards the markets. There is no anonymous news. All the news of the currency, if you wish to raise the interest rate on the dollar, will not be secreted or whispered in the ear of the market makers, unlike the stock markets, which do not provide all the information and news to everyone quickly.
One of the most famous differences between the stock exchange and the stock exchange is to provide forex brokers for leverage starting from 1 to 1000 if you trade a thousand dollars and leverage 1 will be $ 2000 thousand, but the stock markets do not give you such a big lever.

The number of transactions that can take place a week, for example:

There is no minimum trading limit in Forex. The trader can open dozens of trades if the account allows and can not open any trading transactions on condition that, if any, account fees are paid as some brokers charge fees on the fasteners that do not trade within a certain period of time (Frozen).
Forex traders are often advised to follow a specific trading strategy, ie, this strategy and for those who do not know the meaning of the word trading strategy.
Trading strategy is simply a mechanism or a way to open trading deals, whether selling or buying fixed rules have a capital management makes trading something routine without thinking so can succeed and achieve profits.
It is this strategy that dictates the number of deals we open, which determines the size of the open contract and also determines the number of transactions that will take place over a certain period of time, usually a week or a month.

How long will the deals remain open?

Transactions remain open as long as your account bears interest if it is negative. If you are working without losing losses, the losing position will not close until the last cent ends and only the margin left by the broker will remain when the trading center opens.
The advantage of Forex is that the broker saves a sum of money required to give you the financial leverage you want. This is a good advantage that protects your money from total loss in the event of a landslide or forgetting a stop loss situation.

What do I need to start trading in Forex?

You need two very important elements. The first is learning. No one knows how to trade without learning how to trade.
Note: You can trade either using technical or fundamental analysis and there is no trading method better than the second only your personal preference and your tendency is to determine the appropriate trading method.
The second element is to open a trading account and here we talk about a demo account first to learn how to trade in Forex and training on the fluctuations that occur continuously and then you open a real Forex account to trade it.
Forex market does not require you to obtain a certificate or be a technical analyst of the Association of technical analysts, for example or have a high certificate in the basic analysis, if you have money you can open an account with any broker.

What do I need to open a trading account?

 This depends on the mediator there is a mediator requires an official personal proof, for example passport or ID card and there is an intermediary requires personal proof only English data and approved.
There is also an intermediary that requires opening a personal identification account and proving the address of the housing from two different sides, while some brokers require one proof of housing.
In terms of material, there are intermediaries with minimum deposit limits of $ 100 or $ 500 and some brokers currently accept accounts less.

How to Start Learning Forex?

The educational channels for Forex are very numerous as a result of its spread around the world. If you browse our site, you will find a complete section of Forex education, YouTube channels, books of leading technical analysts and speculators around the world.
It is also worth noting that there are several centers that offer paid forex courses.

How to take profit from Forex?

Profit taking has two primary ways by setting the take profit order, which can be determined before or after the opening of the trading center. This method is automatic. The second method is to close the winning position manually.
There is no better way than the other way or a fee and the other is free but the automated order is better because it is not required that the platform is open and it can keep up with the rapid movements of currencies and fluctuations in Forex.
If you want to open a new trading center, you have to set the stop loss and the profit taking area. It is possible that a previous peak or a certain number of points, for example 50 points or based on Fibonacci levels, The target problem is how to overcome your passion and feelings that always push you to close any trading center before reaching its target?

Risk in Forex Trading?

The risk of trading in Forex, such as the risk of trading anything else (stocks, bonds or investment funds), or the risk of opening a new project or company, you can lose all your money if you do not know what to do. JPY, for example, will close the trading center without knowing why you close it.

Risk in Forex Trading?

Some see that Forex has a higher risk than any other trade, and it is quite true because it achieves the highest return and the return it earns more than any return on a bank account and may exceed the expected return of investment in a company or even gold and real estate.

How to choose a forex broker?

There are many and many forex brokers who offer very many services. Unlike the past, there was little of it and their services to the traders were close. Currently, the brokers are competing in the spread (the difference between the selling and buying price), deposit and withdrawal methods, draw and transfer fees and finally trading platforms.
The middleman has two types of licenses, the most important of which are the American license (nfa), which is obtained by companies that have their headquarters in America and comply with the terms of this body This is the most powerful financial license globally.
 Another license from the UK (fca) is a very important license that you must make sure that the broker actually holds any of the above licenses.
It is worth mentioning that obtaining any of the above mentioned licenses is considered a recognition of the implementation of the conditions of these organizations or bodies which means that in the case of financial problems you can resort to them to get your rights either if the broker is not registered in these bodies or registered in Weak bodies may not get your rights if problems occur.
The other factor is the advantages that the broker gives you. Some brokers give you a large leverage. 1000: 1 Your trading strategy may require that you join them.
Also, there are brokers who offer professional trading platforms or have more services than others.
Finally, the difference between the price between buying and selling or the opening commission of a trading center should be such an expense so that it can make a profit.

Forex brokers:

There are many types of monument in Forex there are intermediaries invented in the ways of fraud there are some intermediaries do not have a real presence, just a website has a payment portal that collect money from traders and then close the accounts of traders without explaining why.
Also, some intermediaries are focusing on another way, which is to increase the difference between buying and selling, which is the difference that the broker gets if it is higher than the conventional one, you will not be able to make profits.

Forex Brokers

For example, the spread on the EUR / USD is usually 1.5: 1 and if it rises to 5:10 without news or disasters, this broker is usually a quorum.
The most common signs that a broker may be a quorum is to set minimum limits to stop losses and profits. It means that you can not close your winning trading position unless you skip a certain number of points or you can not close your losing position before reaching a certain number of these points.
Brokers usually do not hold strong licenses or do not hold licenses from the ground up.

Control of Forex Brokers:

Control of Forex brokers is the side that protects the trader You send money to a broker you do not know personally and it is not easy to reach the headquarters of the mediator because of the costs of travel and visa and even traveled Al-Rayyan has a headquarters and was able to access the depositors but could not get their full rights.
Control of Forex companies is made up of bodies and organizations such as (nfa), the National Commission for Futures Contracts (FCA), the British Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA), the Ministry of Finance and the English Parliament, the Australian Commission and the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASIC).

How is a trading strategy tested?

The trading strategy is tested by applying it to a non-real account (demo) if the strategy succeeds in a period of not less than 3 weeks to 3 months with a accuracy of 60%: 70% is a good strategy.
The other way is to try the strategy over a previous period called the "Back Test". The MetaTrader Platforms allow you to redraw the Japanese candlestick or chart in general from the new first and enable you to determine the speed of redrawing and allow you to set your indicators and analysis tools. The way to test the strategy In this case we recommend trying the strategy over a period of time 6 months.
We have explained in the previous lines all that is important about Forex from start to finish.

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