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Bitcoin forces Santa Claus to distribute the worst gifts to its investors on Christmas

2017-12-25 10:04 am | No Views : 828

"Bitcoin" forces Santa Claus to distribute the worst gifts to its investors on Christmas

The electronic currency "Bitcoin" appears to be punishing those who trade in the Forex market, or who can afford it, to give Santa Claus the worst gift in the stock market.
The digital currency was at the end of the year, its worst performance since 2014, after the huge growth made it the electronic currency in 2017.
Last week was a real nightmare for the currency, falling by 25% and falling 40% from its historic highs of $ 19343.04, which reached it on 17 December.
The Pitcairn lost nearly half of its value in one week, causing catastrophic losses for its investors.
According to the CoinDesk website, on Monday morning, at 09:03 Moscow time (06:03 GMT), the digital currency recorded a reading of 13899.84, down 0.54%.
It is noteworthy that the electronic currency "Bitcoin", appeared in 2009, and was characterized as a decentralized currency, not controlled by non-users, and there is no watchdog from governments or banks like all paper currencies.
Central banks in Arab countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Russia have warned against dealing in digital or virtual currencies.
As for the foreign countries, it is the refusal of the survival of that currency, including those who gave it the green light to trade on its stock, such as the city of Chicago, which allowed trading in its legitimate market, and began trading on the futures exchange for the first time and thunder, this reached the price of 20 thousand dollars, but this Did not last for a long time fed the price of the currency fell again suddenly to now reach nearly 13 thousand dollars.
Analysts believe that Bitcoin is just another bubble similar to the financial crises that hit the global economy, such as the real estate bubble of 2006 and 2007, and the collapse of commodity prices on world markets between 2008 and 2009.

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