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Dogecoin .. Electronic currency arose as a result of irony

2018-01-26 03:54 pm | No Views : 1363

Dogecoin .. Electronic currency arose as a result of irony

It seems that e-currencies have surrounded us in all aspects of life. After digital control in life, digital currencies have become popular and proliferated in the online marketplace, although they are now collapsing, but they have become the axioms of life.
Although some Arab countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Palestine, as well as European countries such as Turkey, prohibit dealing with electronic currencies, and other countries talk about the dangers of these currencies and try to tighten them such as England and Korea, but many investors are still investing in Electronic currencies.
Dear reader, we will talk today about a famous electronic currency, called the currency "Dogecoin", a currency that gained great fame through social networking sites, originated by chance, coincidentally coincidentally and this is what we will know about this subject.

Origination of Dogecoin

Origination of Dogecoin
First you need to look at this picture, because it was the beginning of the currency. Dogecoin, the idea of a coin created by a picture of a dog of the Shiba inu, is written around words incomprehensible, but such images adored Internet pioneers.
The beginning was in 2013, with Jackson Palmer, an Adobe marketer who had an interest in digital currencies, and by chance discovered these images about dog and petkinoin, etc. He sent a tweet saying, "Investing in Dogecoin will be my next step."
Jackson did not intend to name the coin and not work on it, but was only joking but received replies to "Twitter" encourages him to continue tracking the subject, and in fact decided Palmer to buy the domain, and the site is created after a week of tweeting.
Two days later, a developer from Portland Australia discovers the site. This developer was working on his own currency, which did not know the light and did not work. As soon as he knew the subject, he sent a tweet to Jackson telling him that he wanted to apply the idea and make it a new encrypted currency. Open the Dogecoin and changed the interface to the image of the dog, in the last reply Palmer on the letter and began the relationship between them.

Dogecoin gains

Dogecoin, one of the virtual currencies, appeared in 2013, and was inspired by pictures of a Japanese dog. The virtual currency made $ 2 billion in gains, but is still hidden behind the most popular electronic currency, the Bitcoin.
The value of the Dogecoin rose as a simulation of the Bitcoin, but its inventor was not happy enough to disappear behind the Bitcoin, which controls it more.

Characteristics of Dogecoin

The Dogecoin is characterized by its undetermined number. Bitcoins are limited to no more than 21 million coins, according to the inventor, but experts believe that Dogecoin is more ambiguous than the Bitcoins.
The rules on which Bitcoin says that only 21 million of them can be constructed are approaching the increase and it is not clear what will happen to the value of the Bitcoin when it reaches this limit, and Dogecoin is reintroduced in the same way as Bitcoin via computers.
But the difference between them and the Bitcoin is that there is no limit to the number of Dogecoin that can be produced, which helps explain why each one of them currently has a value of less than 2 cents, while the value of Bitcoin is $ 11,000.

How does Dogecoin work?

dogecoin works on a 'tipping' basis, ie, giving tipping. This currency is more appropriate to give the reward than it is to buy, and its value is very low ($ 0.006984 today).
In 2014, a few months after the coin was launched, the team said it was working on adding Facebook wish to enable users to reward each other by sending a Dogecoin when sharing or admiring.
Technically, this coin is similar to liecoin, both of which work on scrypt and are faster than Bitcoin.
Dogecoin has 100 billion coins, this figure was mined in 2015, after adjustment it became possible to produce 5.256 billion coin every year, and currently there are more than 110 billion coins.

Dogecoin mining

Dogecoin wallet
Prospecting or mining for the Dogecoin is unprofitable, and this is because the bonus block is reduced to 10,000 coins ie $ 16.7 worth, and also because of its very low value '106 satoshi'.
But if you want dear reader to coin mining this will be by:

Graphics card

The Dogecoin is only mined on the computer by the GPU but this is totally unprofitable because of the increasing difficulty of dogecoin mining, which has become a major force for mining, and mining it may destroy it.
In this way, the miners collect special computers that contain a large number of graphics cards so that they get the power of the Hash to enable them to coin a dogecoin coin.

Different mining devices

There are special ready-made mining devices that you can buy from Amazon or Ebay. There are also other ways of mining the Dugquin by purchasing VPS servers and the requirements of this server should be Os: Debian.
And then open an account at the cointellect site and get the Miner license code, this site provides the program for currency mining and withdrawals from either paypal or through Bitcoin any Dogecoin currency to your wallet.

The goal of Dogecoin

Dogecoin has a great community and its creators do a great job (they are only a small group of developers). This currency itself is not designed to go away and the original team itself said that their goal is not to compete with the Bitcoin, and as you see the number of prospectors increases but the value of the currency does not rise and therefore not advised to trade or invest in them.

The value of Dogecoin

The value of the electronic currency "Dogecoin" fell on Friday 26-1-2017, by 7.43%, to $ 0.006984, and if compared to the monthly currency "Bitcoin", we find Dogecoin fell today by 2.81% compared to Bitcoin, up to 0.00000065 BTC.
Dogecoin was traded at $ 16,196,292, with a market value of $ 784.520.468.

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