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In the Forex articles section, we provide a variety of articles on trading methods and factors that help in the success of the trading process.

Dogecoin .. Electronic currency arose as a result of irony

03:54 pm 2018-01-26

It seems that e-currencies have surrounded us in all aspects of life. After digital control in life, digital currencies have become popular and proliferated in the online marketplace, although they are now collapsing, but they have become the axioms of… …More

Currency and commodity analysis for 2018

05:14 pm 2018-01-01

With the start of the new year, TradingPeek publishes the Commodity, Currency and New Year's Outlook for the new year to facilitate follow-up decisions by traders. We start these expectations as follows: EUR/USD Forecast For 2018: Time Frame User -… …More

Bitcoin forces Santa Claus to distribute the worst gifts to its investors on Christmas

10:04 am 2017-12-25

The electronic currency "Bitcoin" appears to be punishing those who trade in the Forex market, or who can afford it, to give Santa Claus the worst gift in the stock market. The digital currency was at the end of the… …More


09:26 am 2017-12-25

Forex is the currency market This market includes all the currencies of the world and you can buy or sell any currency once it is traded, as the currency market trading in all the major global inches, for example the… …More

OmiseGo .. Time for electronic financial exchanges

02:07 pm 2017-11-15

It seems that the electronic currency market will not go unnoticed in this world, and the development of technology, e-currencies have succeeded in booking a big seat in the money market, and today we will talk about one of the electronic currencies… …More

SONM .. Now you can mining electronic currencies

04:08 pm 2017-11-08

Today, dear reader, about e-currencies, but the conversation will be different, today we will try to introduce you new about SONM, a new company in the field of electronic currency mining. What is SONM? The abbreviation for "Supercomputer organized by… …More

Bitcoin ends its happiest week at record rates

05:56 pm 2017-11-03

The electronic currency "Bitcoin", was able to end this week in complete peace, achieving the highest level for the first time ever since the beginning of trading in the Forex markets. The currency continued its record highs and climbed to… …More

Zcash- promising future and security trading

06:51 pm 2017-10-14

A new electronic currency will be the focus of our conversation today, dear reader, as you are doing trading to explain the various electronic currencies, today is complete this explanation in the currency ZCash, but at the beginning we have… …More

IMF forecasts growth rates in 2018

05:25 pm 2017-10-11

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Tuesday that the global economic recovery is strengthening and providing policymakers with an opportunity for reforms but the recovery is still incomplete and may not last forever. In the latest World Economic Report… …More

Bitcoin Gold .. The new version of e-currency in October

07:53 pm 2017-10-09

Everyone knows Bitcoin split last time, resulting in Bitcoin Cash, which carried the BCC code. Of course, all BTC got its equivalent in BCC is not the dollar amount but the currency itself, our talk today is not about BCC… …More

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