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Primary info

Broker type :Commodities, Indices & Stocks

Regulators :No Regulators

Trading Accounts Information

Acc. currencies :USD

Min deposit :100$

Accounts separated :Yes

Payment methods :Credit cards - Bank transfers - Payment cards - Wallets such as Neteller

Accept american :No

Instruments :CFDs - Commodities - Metals - Stocks - Oil - Gold - Indices

Demo :Yes

Trading features

Leverage :1:400

Min deal amount : 10000


Accept scalping :Yes

Available heading? :Yes

Spread :3-5

trailing stop :Yes

Swap :Islamic Accounts

About company


KLMFX is one of the largest brokerage firms in Forex, established in 2013 and ranked 5 stars as the best trading partner in 2015 for customer service, headquartered in Bahrain, and has 12 branches around the world.
The company provides all the trading conditions with the appropriate tools for success, and the trader can trade through the company with the largest suppliers of liquidity.


KLMFX accounts
1- Silver account: Requires a minimum deposit of $ 100, offers a trading leverage of 200: 1 and an incentive bonus of 40% of the amount deposited.
2- Golden Account: Deposit requires $ 5,000 with a 400: 1 leverage, and an encouraging bonus of 60% on deposit.
3- Platinum account: Requires a deposit of $ 20,000 with a leverage of 800: 1, and a 100% promotional bonus.


Web Trader

The Web Trader platform does not need to be preloaded and is a fast and easy to use platform. All active and closed contracts are shown, contain charts that explain market movements through Japanese candlesticks and offer the possibility of adding the advantages of charts to understand the market and anticipate its movements. Other trades are also shown at the same time.


Meta Trader 4 is a global platform that accommodates traders of all levels. It is characterized by the ease and speed of implementation and access to all assets and offers live prices directly, which gives traders an appropriate interaction with trading opportunities.
KLMFX traders can use all the necessary orders such as "profit taking", "stop loss" and "active future orders".
This platform can be downloaded for free.

The platform on the mobile

KLMFX offers mobile mobile trading application, is suitable for all mobile phones and offers convenient navigation without concern about investments.
The application enables traders to open and close contracts, support additional liquidity accounts, monitor market movements, and get the best rates and other actions through one application.

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Trading with KLMFX
Anyone who can open a demo account regardless of their abilities and experience, and a tutorial on how the demo account works.
For Muslim traders, KLMFX designed an Islamic account for those who wish to trade according to Islamic instructions without concern or fear. The Islamic trading account contains a fixed spread free from commissions or interest rates.


The possibility of trading in currencies, commodities, gold, silver, stocks, spreads, oil, indices, with calculations offering a leverage between 1:50 and 1: 800.
Many computers are available on the site, such as: Axis Calculator, Fibonacci, Deal Volume and Point, and can be used online. Traders can register to receive live recommendations on a daily basis.
The updated economic calendar helps traders keep track of global market news and analysis of economic conditions around the world.
Full dictionary of financial terms.


An exclusive e-book designed to expand the horizons of traders and general knowledge about the Forex markets, how to trade in international markets and achieve the highest possible return on money.
Videos that illustrate the deliberative and economic strategies and educational courses on platforms.
Videos for beginners only.
Seminars are conducted online as is the case with direct education.

Deposits and withdrawals

Debit and Deposit Operations
KLMFX offers traders multiple deposit options, including credit cards, bank transfers, payment cards and wallets such as Neteller.
Limit is one card per account, 10 transactions per credit card per month and $ 10,000 maximum per card per month.
Withdrawals are made by logging in, going to the checkout page, entering the desired amount and the preferred draw method.
Payments take between 3 and 7 business days.

Customer Service

KLMFX offers a full support staff that provides a free 24-hour service.
Head office is located in London, UK.
You can communicate with representatives by phone on London numbers in addition to the United States and Bahrain.
Live chat and email services are also available.


KLMFX is one of the largest brokers in Forex and has been rated 5 stars as the best trading partner in 2015 to serve customers, headquartered in Bahrain, and has 12 branches around the world, and provides all the conditions of the parliamentary instruments suitable for success, and the trader can trade through The company with the largest liquidity providers.

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