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Trading Strategy From Another Perspective "part 1"

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Many traders see money markets as a treasure that will bring them great fortunes at a great time. This makes them a prey to greed that eventually leads to the loss of their account. This is the point of departure and a successful trading project capable of dealing with the problem.
Since after the collapse of the hope of the novice trader to get rich quick, he finds that he is not qualified to work in financial markets and can not achieve success, or start thinking in a practical way away from delusions and that the starting point to be a successful trader in the future if there is a guide on the right track.

This article will be the beginning of a series of articles to put you through the right path to success in financial markets, and we will address the psychological side, which is one of the most important factors that help your success in trading.

In this article we will discuss the trading strategy with a different perspective:

The majority believes that trading strategy is the choice of trading method in terms of indicators or method of analysis, but this is a very narrow perspective of the trading strategy, because it includes everything related to the trading process from the working times to indicators and trading style.

Trading Strategy:

As mentioned above, the trading strategy includes all aspects of the trading process as we will mention in the following points:

1- Determining working times.

2- Choose the trading method (intraday, daily, swing).

3. Type of analysis used.

4 - Determine the risk ratio for the day, week and month and stay away from trading if the maximum allowed for losses, and this helps in protection from the feeling of anger and desire to take revenge from the market.

5 - Daily, weekly and monthly targets of points are not exceeded to control greed.

6 - Selection of couples that are traded.

7. The appropriate timeframe for the trading method.

8. Identification of weaknesses and strengths.

Dear reader, the above points are the most important points of the trading strategy, and we will discuss in detail is the rest of the points in the coming articles, and we will talk about the feelings that are a barrier to the process of successful trading and ways to deal with them in order to reach the psychological balance that makes you a professional trader.


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