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Bitcoin is trading at the lowest levels of 7000

2018-04-04 02:44 pm | Resource: news | No Views : 992

Bitcoin is trading at the lowest levels of 7000 Digital currencies are back to losses on Wednesday, despite positive news in Japan, the world's second largest digital market. As fears in the digital currency market have been reduced on renewed concerns about regulatory action in Japan by the Financial Services Agency.

As well as the resurgence of digital asset sales following the announcement of new regulatory measures in South Korea, the world's third largest digital asset market.

With positive news coming in Japan, the world's second-largest digital market, and improved news from the relative risk appetite in the market, especially for the acquisition of the Coincheck platform.

Monex said on Tuesday it was considering buying Coincheck, one of the world's largest digital currency platforms, which was hit earlier this year by a $ 530 million piracy operation.

Bitcoin recorded a decline in European trading on Wednesday, recording a decline of 5.88% to trade at $ 6,913, after recording a high of $ 7,433, and recorded a low of $ 6,404, amid daily trading volume of 4.88 billion To reach $ 120.82 billion.

As for Etherum, it lost losses during European trading, recording a loss of 6.44% to reach 376.19 dollars, after recording a high of $ 406 today, and a low of $ 363, amid daily volume of $ 1.26 billion Dollars, bringing the market value of the digital currency $ 38.24 billion.

Looking at Ripple, it came in at a loss of 6.78% to hit 0.4919, after hitting a high of 0.5446 and reaching a low of $ 0.4557, with a daily volume of 429.00 million. To reach a market value of $ 20.05 billion.

Finally, Bitcoin Cash came in retreat, falling by 7.31% to reach $ 653.63, after recording a high of $ 991.15 and a low of $ 743.13, with a daily volume of $ 271.77 million. Bringing the market value of the digital currency to $ 11.41 billion.

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