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​Juventus football club launches Token to give fans a voice

2018-09-24 12:18 pm | Resource: News Section | No Views : 141

​Juventus football club launches Token to give fans a voice Juventus, one of the most famous football clubs in the world, has launched a well-honed token that says it will increase fans by allowing them to "listen".
For this effort, Juventus, which includes Cristiano Ronaldo as a current member of the team, is collaborating with to launch the official symbol for Juventus fans. The token will be distributed initially through the "FTO" For a press release issued on Monday.
Through one of the world's biggest rules for any football club, and a huge presence in social media, the team says it intends to extend Fan Token more to the public and allow supporters from outside Europe to have a more direct experience.
This code, which will be negotiable on the Socios platform against its original CHZ code, will allow fans to vote on an upcoming mobile application. With this program, the fans can respond to Juventus cards, allowing the voice of the supporters to be heard, and establishing a relationship between the club and its fans, the club explains.
The "Fan Token" version, which we assume is basically an ICO card, although the release did not indicate exactly how it would be organized or the amount to be raised, is due to be launched in the first quarter of 2019.
The joint revenue manager at Juventus, the head of global partnerships and corporate revenue, said Giorgio Ricci:
"At the club, we are always keen on innovation and new technologies and we are confident that with we can provide new opportunities for our fan base worldwide to engage in the latest routes with their favorite club."
The announcement comes amid a wave of football clubs recently turned into blockchain technology, to try more to engage in their grass roots.
Socios said in a release today that he hopes to enter more football clubs, perhaps up to 50 clubs, to move forward.
The CEO and founder of the company, Alexander Dreyfus said:
"Our ambition is to build the world's largest football community and market for football fans, along with demonstrating that Blockchain's technology and digital currency is a trusted mainstream technology."

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