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US government decides to impose new sanctions on Russia

2018-08-10 10:10 am | Resource: NEWS | No Views : 148

The United States government announced new sanctions on Russia after it decided that the Russian government was responsible for trying to kill a former Russian spy and his daughter in the UK.

"After the use of nerve gas" Novichok "in an attempt to assassinate British citizen Sergey Scrippal and his daughter Yulia Scrippal, the United States decided under the Convention on the Limitation of Chemical Weapons, ) That the Russian Government had used chemical or biological weapons in violation of international law or used lethal chemical or biological weapons against its own citizens.

Sergei Scrippal, a former Russian double agent living in the UK, and his daughter Yulia, were found unconscious in Salisbury after being poisoned in Novichuk in March, although they are now recovering. Novichuk is a Russian-style military nerve agent, and the British government claimed that Russia was behind the attack. But the Kremlin has strongly denied any involvement.

The United States was quick and tough to retaliate by expelling 60 Russian diplomats. After the 15-day notice to Congress, the sanctions would be in effect "on August 22," Nort said.

It is worth mentioning that the sanctions prohibit Russia from licensing the import of all goods or technologies sensitive to national security controlled by the US Department of Commerce in accordance with export management regulations.

The sanctions prevent Russia's purchase of aeronautical gas turbine engines, electrical appliances, electronic components, integrated circuits, test equipment and calibration of various types.

These sanctions are applicable to all state-owned or state-funded Russian companies.

In a briefing, a State Department official said that if Russia did not comply with a set of criteria under the CBW Act within 90 days, it would consider imposing a second tranche of sanctions.

Asked about the dollar value of exports and imports to which the penalty would affect, the official did not give a specific amount, but said: "The trade affected could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars."

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