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Commodities news

Oil settles anticipation of sabotage attacks in the Gulf and trade war

11:51 am 2019-05-14

Oil prices settled slightly higher on Tuesday as the United States and China struck a conciliatory tone on trade talks, and tensions in the Gulf did not seem to amount to military confrontation. US President Donald Trump said at a White House dinner on Monday he was optimistic about resolving the US trade dispute with China. We will tell you in three to four weeks whether this is successful or not, but I have a feeling…More

Gold is trading near its highest level in a month amid demand for safe haven

09:20 am 2019-05-14

Gold prices settled near a three-month high Tuesday after hitting $ 1303.26, the highest level since April 11. The escalating trade dispute between the United States and China prompted investors to seek safe haven. Wall Street futures rise after selling yesterday US stocks were in the green zone in pre-market trading on Tuesday as investors remained cautious after Wall Street sold yesterday due to fears of a trade…More

Gold settles and palladium, platinum fall by more than 1 percent

10:37 am 2019-05-13

 Precious metals traded in the early trading week as palladium fell more than 1% as traders watched the US-China trade war develop.   Prices of palladium and platinum rice have fallen more than 1% from the week in the red zone, with silver falling more modestly.Last week, the United States raised tariffs on 200 billion dollars of Chinese goods from 10% to 25%. Wall Street falls pre-marketing, trading in focus US…More

Oil rises after sabotage attack on Saudi tankers in Gulf

09:01 am 2019-05-13

Crude oil prices rose on Monday as investors focused on latest trade deals after the United States and China ended their last round of negotiations that ended without a deal on Friday. Investment incentives in the oil market remained strong despite persistent trade tensions that raised fears of economic instability. The traders also followed a statement by the UAE Foreign Ministry on Sunday that four merchant ships targeted "sabotage" near Fujairah, according to a statement published by…More

Gold is poised for developments in tensions between China and the US

09:35 am 2019-05-10

Gold prices settled in Friday's trading, heading for weekly gains after rising yesterday to reach the settlement price of $ 1285.2, on the way to record weekly gains by about 0.3%. Despite the escalating trade war between the world's two largest economies and market anticipation of countermeasures pledged by Beijing.  Wall Street is falling as the US-China trade row continues US stocks fell in the pre-Friday market, with the latest…More

Oil prices are trading higher and heading for a weekly close in green

08:41 am 2019-05-10

Oil prices rose on Friday on their way to record the first weekly gain in 3 weeks and supply concerns. Despite the escalating trade war between the world's two largest economies. Oil lost its gains after a sharp rise in tariffs just before the rally resumed. Traders are awaiting Baker Hughes' report during the US session on the number of platforms operating in the United States and Canada. US President Donald Trump's 200-billion-dollar…More

Gold rose , palladium at a four-month low amid trade tensions

10:14 am 2019-05-09

Gold prices benefited from global trade tensions, while palladium fell 1.22% on Thursday to its lowest level since January. Amid concerns over trade negotiations between the United States and China. Where the United States announced officially yesterday that it will raise tariffs on Chinese goods worth 200 billion dollars from 10% to 25% starting tomorrow, while Beijing hinted at countermeasures. Wall Street retreated from the market ahead of growing trade tensions …More

Oil is falling sharply as a new wave of trade tensions mounts

09:07 am 2019-05-09

Crude oil fell during Thursday's trading to drop crude by about 1% to swallow gains yesterday after the release of data from the US Energy Information Administration, with the growing concerns about trade tensions between Washington and Beijing. As data from the US Energy Information Administration showed that inventories shrank by 3.96 million barrels in the week ended May 3, contrary to expectations that indicated their rise. The European Union rejects the Iranian…More

Oil fell despite rising Chinese demand and a decline in US stocks

11:34 am 2019-05-08

Oil prices on Wednesday posted a prolonged loss from the previous session, as doubts over US-China trade talks renewed concerns about global growth. After the United States confirmed it was planning to raise tariffs on Chinese goods worth 200 billion dollars, investors remained enthusiastic ahead of trade talks on Thursday and Friday in Washington. Rising Chinese oil imports Imports last month amounted to 43.73 million tons, equivalent to 10.64 million…More

Oil in the spotlight as geopolitical tensions rise

11:03 am 2019-05-08

An already tense situation has been ratcheted up a couple more notches by the announcement that Iran will stop honouring some of its commitments under the nuclear accord in what is clearly a retaliatory action in response to the US seeking to end oil sanction waivers. For the time being the markets don’t seem to worried with the price of crude oil drifting lower in recent sessions, but this sort of geopolitical risk can escalate rapidly and with the US recently deploying an aircraft carrier to the Middle East this situation will be high on the radar of oil traders. More

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