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Forex news

The pound retreated against major currencies after negative comments on the Brexit

12:04 pm 2018-09-21

 The British pound fell against its major counterparts in the European session on Friday as EU leaders rejected the Chekers plan presented by Teresa May at a summit in Salzburg, giving a blow to their chances of reaching an agreement after Britain's exit from the European Union. Negative remarks from the EU on the Brexit  French President Emmanuel Macaron said on Thursday that the main people behind the UK "exit" campaign were "liars" because they tricked British voters into the real consequences of leaving the country.…More

The US dollar is mixed against the major currencies at the end of weekly trading

11:23 am 2018-09-21

The US dollar rose slightly against other currencies on Friday, while the Japanese yen fell as investors looked to trade war tensions. Fitch downgrades global growth prospects in US-China trade war World GDP was lower than previously expected, as trade tensions between China and the United States are protectionist, according to the Fitch Ratings report in the World Economic Outlook on Friday. Fitch said it now sees China's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2019 at 6.1 percent, up from the previous forecast of…More

The dollar fell in early European trading despite trade tensions

08:22 am 2018-09-20

The dollar fell against major currencies on Thursday, trading around an eight-week low as investors put their trade concerns aside for the time being. Global markets seem to ignore the fears of an escalating trade war European stock index futures opened mixed Thursday as investors continued to focus on the escalating trade war between China and the United States. After China responded by setting a tariff of $ 60 billion in US goods. However, China will set a 10% tariff on some of the goods…More

Sterling rallies against major currencies after inflation data

09:08 am 2018-09-19

UK producer prices rose 2.9% in August from a year earlier, according to a new version of the Office of National Statistics (ONS) on Wednesday. Prices fell on a monthly basis from 3.1% in July. Petroleum products contributed most to both the annual and monthly rate of inflation resulting from petroleum products. Inflation in input and output over 12 months has been positive since July 2016.…More

The Canadian dollar is rising against the currencies as oil rises

12:23 pm 2018-09-18

The Canadian dollar rose against most of its main rivals in the European session on Tuesday, with European stocks advancing after US President Donald Trump imposed 10% of China's import tariffs of $ 200 billion, well below the 25% that the White House said was thinking that Customs duties will be set at 10 per cent by the end of the year, but will rise to 25 per cent from 1 January. The agreement will enter into force next week. China said the United States was not "honest" and…More

The dollar Is performance is different after the introduction of the tariffs and European bonds are rising

10:27 am 2018-09-18

 The US dollar was steady against other currencies on Tuesday after the White House imposed new tariffs on China. US President Donald Trump announced on Monday that the United States would offer 10 percent of China's 200 billion US dollars customs duties, which would rise to 25 percent by the end of the year. "If China takes reprisals against our farmers or other industries, Immediately the third phase, a tariff of approximately $ 267 billion of additional imports. China said it would respond against the new tariffs. The United…More

Commodity-linked currencies are up at the start of European trading

08:05 am 2018-09-18

The Australian Dollar is rising against the majors The Australian dollar rose to a 5-day high of 0.7221 against the US dollar and a 11-day high of 0.9404 against the Canadian dollar from early lows of 0.7144 and 0.9332 respectively. Against the yen, the euro and the kiwi, the Australian dollar was near a 3-week high of 81.02, a 5-day high of 1.6209 and a 4-day high of 1.0937, from a 5-day low of 79.78, or 6 days. At 1.6333 and the weekly low at 1.0878, respectively. Resistance…More

The dollar is retreating because of Trump threats

01:07 pm 2018-09-17

 The US dollar fell against the euro on Monday, falling slightly by more than 0.30% as the European currency rose to its highest levels earlier in the day. At the same time, the British pound also rose to a session high against the US dollar, holding above 1.3100. The weakness of the US currency was supported by comments by former US President Donald Trump, who said that countries that do not want to have "fair agreements" with Washington would be "constrained." The president's comments raised concerns about the expected…More

The pound is down against the franc and the eur and May warns the British parliament

11:48 am 2018-09-17

 The pound fell against the euro and the franc in the European session on Monday, after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned that the deal could cause significant costs to the British economy. In its latest report, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that "no agreement" on WTO terms would have high costs for the UK economy and to a lesser extent EU economies, especially if it happened in an unregulated fashion. The results of Britain's exit from the EU on monetary and fiscal policy…More

The Aussie rises against major currencies

08:42 am 2018-09-14

 The Australian dollar rose against its major counterparts in late Asian session on Friday amid risk appetite as investors welcomed the news of a new round of US-China talks in the coming days. Chinese officials welcomed a call by US Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin for new talks. However, US President Donald Trump softened market optimism as the US chased "without pressure to make a deal with China." Two-thirds of US companies in China said they were hurt by the $ 50 billion initial tariffs in tariffs…More

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