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Forex news

Us inflation focus see the markets

03:16 pm 2017-08-11

Markets Await today impotrtant data from the United States of America, where the Ministry of Commerce will announce inflation figures for July at 12:30 GMT) on Friday. Analysts expect the market consumer prices to rise (annual) 1.8%, it is well known that the consumer price index measures the change in prices of goods and services to consumers on an annual basis. The declaration will also be on consumer prices, and the Statute (monthly), which is expected to rise to 0.2%, an indicator to measure…More

Dollar yen falls in the lowest price since June 2017

07:35 am 2017-08-11

  The dollar fell to the lowest level in the current year versus the Japanese yen in trading on Friday,   Where the mounting tensions between the United States and North Korea to increase direct investors to safe places of commodities and currencies, for fear of any military movements between the two countries.   The dollar retreated again during the Asian session at 100.5 yen, down 0.2%, trading was less than usual, because of the Japanese markets closed for public holiday.   In the early hours of today's trading, the dollar fell to…More

US Unemployment Claims Rise for Second Week in a row

03:15 pm 2017-08-10

The number of applicants for jobless claims rose for the first time last week, rising for the second week in a row with 244,000 applications, while analysts' expectations were 241,000, And compared to last week, which was at 241 thousand applications. It should be noted that the number of unemployed is an important sign of the overall economic situation, Because consumer spending is linked to labor market conditions. In addition, unemployment affects the decisions of the Federal Reserve Monetary Policy Committee. More

British industrial production rose exceeding analysts expectations

11:24 am 2017-08-10

British statistics office announced that industrial production rose by 0.5% on a monthly basis in June, exceeding analysts' expectations for a decline of 0.2%. Production has also declined in the second quarter of the year grew by 0.4% on a quarterly basis, due to the decline of the automobile industry by 0.6%. As the trade deficit in goods in the United Kingdom to 12.7 billion pounds in June, in accordance with the official trade data. This is higher than the deficit of 11.3 billion…More

Bitcoin settles near the highest level ever 3,382.5

10:09 am 2017-08-10

    electronic currency known as Bitcoin showed strong rises during the trading week, after the Bitcoin value fell by 50% since mid-June last year, the levels of $1800 to reach levels of $3000  at the end of last July,  in the joyofbaking strong fall in a row, the bounce off the electronic currency again, reaching the highest level ever at levels 3,702 dollars during trading yesterday.  …More

Lower inflation expectations in New Zealand, Japanese data below expectations

08:21 am 2017-08-10

The Melbourne Institute of Australia announced inflation expectations in May, which fell by 4.2%, compared to the previous reading of 4.4%.   Core machinery orders fell 1.9% in June after falling 3.6% in May, compared to expectations of 3.6% growth.    On the other hand, the PPI rose 2.6% in July, from 2.2% in June, compared to expectations of only 2.4% growth. The Japanese currency rose 0.10% to 109.98 yen, while the Australian dollar fell 0.15% to 0.8789, in front of the New Zealand against the dollar, also…More

The Euro is trading below 1.1700, and the Dollar Index is at its highest level in two weeks

02:30 pm 2017-08-09

Currency trading markets witnessed today large movements, died of geopolitical events as well as to U.S. economic data, we find that the euro heed to decline against the US dollar, the break level of 1.1700 during the European trading session, recording a decline of 0.37%, also recorded the pound falling against the dollar, which fell by 0.10% to levels at 1.2968-2970 under a clear absence of data issued by the United Kingdom during the trading day In view of the trading of the euro against the Swiss franc, we find…More

Dollar holds gains despite threats of Trump and North Korea

10:08 am 2017-08-09

The US dollar index saw more hikes during Asian trading, because of decline of positive statements issued yesterday by the United States, where the dollar index raised 0.10 percent to 93.77, despite the fears of the US president Donald Trump against North Korea. We find that the dollar Index unaffected largely from those statements, but on the contrary, we find that it has achieved more hikes during Asian trading, rose to the highest level during the current week. We find that the single currency euro has recorded more…More

​US Dollar up to the highest level in two months

05:25 pm 2017-08-08

US dollar index recorded its highest level in two months, at the end of European trading, to high levels of 93.76 0.31%, achieving gains 65 points, supported by U.S. economic data, which came to push the US dollar to rise. Where the index for the small business are optimistic about a rise in the current month when reading 105.2 while analysts' expectations at 103.6, as well as the highest of the readers of the previous month at 103.6. The index of economic confidence when read…More

A look at the movements of exchange rates during the European trading session

12:37 pm 2017-08-08

The foreign exchange market is witnessing a state of relative calm during today's trading, we find that a couple of euro-dollars higher by 0.15%, rolling at European Session at 1.1819, this comes after the growth of the German trade balance, as well as a Lower deficit in the French trade balance for the fifth straight month. As for the sterling-dollar find that slightly down 0.05%, in an attempt to maintain the level of 1.3000, with Note the limited scope of the trading of the husband within 35 points,…More

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