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Forex news

Pound weakened and the FTSE rose after the announcement of BP output

12:36 pm 2019-02-05

Pound fell as London's FTSE 100 climbed 1.29% at 11:59 am on Tuesday after BP . Shares rose 4.85% at 11:54 am CET. The giant oil company released its quarterly earnings report earlier in the day, announcing that its earnings for 2018 more than doubled over the previous year. The FTSE index of mining and construction shares was up, with Glencore Plc up 1.74% and CrH Plc up 2.44% at 11:58 am. Meanwhile, Germany's DAX rose 1.19% above the opening line at 12:16 CET, led by Wirecard AG, which rose…More

Dollar stabilized against major currencies during Tuesday trading

09:05 am 2019-02-05

  The dollar settled on recent gains against its major counterparts on Tuesday, amid reports of a consensus between Trump and Jerome Powell. After an official invitation from Powell to Trump for an informal dinner  Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve, held an "informal dinner" with Trump Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell held an "informal dinner" at the White House with US President Donald Trump. Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Richard Clarida and Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin also attended. According to a Fed statement.…More

US dollar opened the week higher against the currencies

09:50 am 2019-02-04

Dollar traded higher during the week, as strong employment data and data boosted demand for the greenback, but the Federal Reserve's stance appears to be more cautious about monetary policy. The possibility of meeting Trump Wuxi on Feb. 27 and 28 in Vietnam Possible reports of US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping were published in Da Nang, Vietnam, on Feb. 27 or 18, the South China Morning Post quoted a source familiar with the discussions on the summit.…More

Pound sterling at a one-week high

12:40 pm 2019-02-01

Data from last month's special manufacturing surveys in Europe left a more negative impression in the markets after the report of UK factory activity, as the exit date approaches, although German manufacturers recorded their first drop in more than four years. The eurozone barely stayed above parity. The European Union will not accept the hard borders with Ireland In the BREXIT news, Federal Justice and Consumer Protection Minister Katarina Barley said on Friday that the EU would not accept an original border with Ireland, adding that…More

Dollar fell against the currency as trade negotiations continued

10:16 am 2019-02-01

  Foreign exchange markets were mixed on Friday as the initial signs of progress in the China-US trade war were matched by a survey that showed further economic weakness in China and other Asian economies. Beijing: Important progress made in US trade talks The Chinese trade delegation said on Friday that it had made "significant progress" during the latest round of negotiations with the United States in Washington. "The frank, functional and constructive discussions have made important progress," said the delegation, led by Deputy…More

Dollar fell after the Federal Reserve decision to fix the interest

08:29 am 2019-01-31

The Federal Reserve has set the interest rate, noting that it will adopt a "patience" approach in raising interest rates as the economic data continue to follow. "The US economy is in good shape, but the government closure has a negative impact on GDP," said Central Bank President Paul. The sentiment expressed by policymakers from the Fed for patience before any US interest rate hike boosted stocks on Thursday and continued to strengthen sovereign debt ratings of the country, especially for the nearest maturities. The dollar…More

pound traded higher amid optimism about a renewed brexit

10:36 am 2019-01-30

British pound traded gains on Wednesday after the House of Commons voted in favor of the amendment, which stipulates that London will not leave the EU without reaching an agreement. Meanwhile, Labor leader Jeremy Corbin was reportedly invited by Prime Minister Teresa Mae for talks later in the day. Corbin accepts an invitation from Mai Sources told Sky News on Wednesday that Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbin had accepted an invitation from Prime Minister Teresa Mae for talks later in the day.More

Pound rose against most major currencies before the parliament vote

01:10 pm 2019-01-29

  Pound rose against most major currencies as the FTSE 100 jumped 1.19% with new developments in the exit agreement  The main FTSE index rose on Tuesday as market watchers echoed the latest developments surrounding Brexit. The House of Commons is due to vote on a number of amendments, including the amendment of Cooper Poulos, the Brady Amendment and the latest amendment, the Malthusian Settlement, which seeks to extend the transition period of two years by another year. At the same time, the Labor Party announced that…More

Dollar was mixed against major after US government came back to work

11:46 am 2019-01-28

 USD crosses against major currencies as thousands of federal employees prepare to return to work Monday after Trump moves Friday to reopen the government after 35 days of partial government closure Despite the lack of funding for the construction of the border wall with Mexico. US President Trump, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, did not rule out the possibility of another government closure as an "existing option" and said he doubted he would accept less than $ 5.7 billion for the…More

Dollar performance contrasts with currencies, Tramp hails earnings gains

11:28 am 2019-01-25

   Dollar was mixed against major currencies on Friday as traders continued to report on the failure of the partial closure of the government, as well as some reports of progress on the trade negotiations axis as well as the high closures in US stocks. Trump praises the profits, and regrets the lack of coverage US President Donald Trump went on Twitter on Friday to express his satisfaction with the earnings reports of newly published companies and lamented the fact that insufficient media coverage was not…More

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