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Forex news

Dollar stability and anticipation of trade negotiations and job report

09:39 am 2019-04-05

The dollar traded against major currencies on Friday amid optimism about the progress of trade negotiations between China and the United States. The monthly US jobs report, which will be released later today, is expected to add 177,000 jobs in March. Trump: Deal with China is not yet ready US President Donald Trump said during a meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He that the trade deal with Beijing "is not yet…More

US dollar is trading against currencies and anticipates trade negotiations

09:46 am 2019-04-04

The dollar's trading against the currencies recorded mixed performance with consecutive traders trading negotiations and the new South American border security. Meanwhile, the euro ignored a disappointing set of factory orders in Germany, which looked bad for a rapid shift in the euro zone's largest economy. Closing the border would harm the US business group A trade group representing some of the largest US companies has warned US President Donald Trump of closing…More

Sterling is trading higher after the May statement

08:41 am 2019-04-03

Sterling traded in the green zone against a basket of global currencies on Wednesday as investors followed the statement of the UK's President Teresa Mai yesterday. In its announcement, May asked to postpone Britain's exit from the European Union to "the shortest possible", to overcome the current stalemate in the withdrawal negotiations. Conservatives: May shift position may unite the Conservative Party against it A number of Conservative deputies warned on Wednesday that Prime Minister…More

Eur rose against most major currencies after German data

08:38 am 2019-03-29

EUR / USD traded higher in morning trade as investors watched data from Europe's largest economy on import prices and retail sales. Deutsche Bank is part of the NASDAQ trading system Deutsche Bank Securities, a US-based, NASDAQ technology company and start the so-called sole agent platform for stocks in the country, after the establishment of Autobahn, has adopted and supplied to foreign currencies. The announcement on Thursday reveals the targets of Deutsche Bank AG at the beginning…More

Dollar is mixed against major currencies with the resumption of trade talks

09:40 am 2019-03-28

The dollar traded against major currencies during the European session as the dollar fell against the euro and yen, rose against the pound and awaited the trade talks China: Trade talks with the United States are in full swing The negotiations on a deal to end the months-long trade dispute with the United States are "in full swing," China's Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday. The ministry said both…More

US dollar is trading against major currencies on Wednesday

08:39 am 2019-03-27

  US dollar traded against the major currencies as traders awaited Fed members' comments as well as US growth expectations Fed member Daley reduces yields yield curve "I'm not scared," Mary Daly said on Tuesday over last week's coup between three-month and 10-year sovereign debt yields. The head of the San Francisco branch of the US Central Bank told the audience at an event that the corporate and consumer sector should not be bothered by the phenomenon in the yield curve or…More

US shares open higher after higher housing data

02:17 pm 2019-03-26

 US markets opened with gains on Tuesday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average opened around 150 points in the Green Zone after the latest housing data was published earlier in the day. In the meantime, there have been reports in the UK that Prime Minister Teresa May could resign as soon as the House of Commons votes to control Britain's exit from the EU. With regard to the British exit, Sky News reported on Tuesday that Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland supported postponing Britain's…More

Dollar is mixed amid IMF warnings of a trade war

09:09 am 2019-03-26

​ A look at Fed futures on Monday showed further deterioration in the US interest rate path. The CMW FedWatch tool has the potential to increase this year at zero and 28.3% for the standard range range to stay at 2.25% to 2.5% at 09:51 CET. Compared to 3.9% a month ago, a quarter-percentage point increase, a record move, while the figure for which there was no change was three times higher at 82.7%. The prices indicated an opportunity of 41.2% for interest rate cuts,…More

US dollar is down against most of the currencies due to recession fears

09:19 am 2019-03-25

 The dollar fell against most of its major counterparts in early trading after Charles Evans' comments on the US economy and interest rates, which has raised fears of a recession in the United States. Evans of the Fed does not see any increase in interest rates before the second half of 2020 Charles Evans, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, told a committee in Hong Kong that he did not expect another rate hike before the second half of 2020. He added that…More

GBPUSD traded higher on Friday

01:06 pm 2019-03-22

 British pound was trading with gains against the euro and the dollar on Friday in a new hope that it is still possible to avoid Britain leaving the EU after the EU agreed to allow the UK to delay its departure from the bloc. The United Kingdom will announce a shameful vote  British Prime Minister Teresa Mae is committed to making a meaningful vote on leaving the European Union next week, British exit minister Quasi Quarting said on Friday. In response to lawmakers' urgent questions…More

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