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Forex news

Dollar rose for the first time since the beginning of weekly trading

08:29 am 2019-01-08

   US dollar rebounded on Tuesday in Asia after falling for a fourth session in a row. As traders wait for the Federal Reserve's stance on interest rates Federal Reserve Chairman Rafael Bostick said the central bank may raise interest rates only once this year. "While the US economy is in a healthy state, some uncertainties have caused a blurring of growth," Bostick said. As a result, the Federal Reserve may stop moving ahead with a gradual increase in the interest rate, according to Bostick. …More

Sterling is trading in red as the Parliament progresses from the exit agreement

11:00 am 2019-01-07

 British pound fell against major currencies on Monday, with the exception of the US dollar, dragged down by pressure from the US government Traders are waiting for the british doctrines following the postponement of British Prime Minister Theresa May's vote in parliament on the exit agreement after a trend emerged within parliament to reject the deal late last year. British Parliament to vote on the Brexit Agreement on January 15 The UK parliament will vote on Britain's exit from Prime Minister Theresa…More

Dollar is retreating in the opening of weekly trading and is awaiting the Fed position

08:19 am 2019-01-07

 US dollar fell ahead of the minutes of the Federal Reserve meeting in December and the speech of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. Last month, the Federal Reserve voted to raise interest rates for the fourth time in 2018, noting that further interest rate increases were likely this year. While investors will look carefully at the record, they are likely to be dated after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's remarks last Friday. In another context, traders expect the possibility of ending the crisis of government…More

Gold falls ahead of US employment data

12:37 pm 2019-01-04

 Gold prices fell on Friday and shares rose after the United States and China announced new trade talks next week. As gold prices trimmed gains on Friday after crossing the important barrier $ 1,300, amid concerns about global growth and investors are looking for data on US jobs. Hatham draws attention to the latest monthly US jobs report for 2018 which will be released later today, with expectations that the US economy will add 180,000 jobs in December.  A special survey showed growth in the…More

Pound was mixed against the currencies after morning data

11:01 am 2019-01-04

The performance of the British Pound against major currencies was mixed after today's data on UK service activity and mortgage approvals in the UK Activity in the UK services sector rose slightly in December The UK services sector witnessed a slight increase in business in December, according to the IHS Market report released on Friday. The UK PMI was seasonally adjusted at 51.2, up from a 28-month low of 50.4 in November. Despite the slight monthly rise, the services sector continues to achieve…More

Dollar continues to slide against currencies and wait for trade negotiations

08:30 am 2019-01-04

 The dollar continued to slide against major currencies as the government continued to remain closed amid a dispute between Trump and the majority party in the House of Representatives over the financing of a concrete wall to secure the southern border with Mexico. On the other hand, traders are waiting for Sino- Pines supports Trump in front of Democrats US Vice President Mike Pines backed US President Donald Trump's request for $ 5 billion in border funding, which led to a partial closure of the…More

Dollar Continues to Variable and Continues to Close the US Government

12:00 pm 2019-01-03

Dollar fell in Thursday's trading against most of the major currency, but recorded a strong rebound against the yen. Where government closures continued in the United States In addition, global tensions over the future of growth have stirred up the world's second-largest economy. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company's sales problem lies mainly in the Greater China region, which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan, "Although we expected some challenges in key emerging markets, we did not expect the size of the economic slowdown, especially in Greater China,"…More

Pound falls on resurfacing Brexit worries

10:18 am 2019-01-03

  pound fell against major currencies amid a global uncertainty about the global economy's decline from one side and the other on the back of the brexit, which is expected to rise after the end of the Christmas holidays Ireland is seeking EU aid in the event of Britain leaving the EU Ireland's Minister of Agriculture and Food, Michael Creed, told the Irish Independent newspaper that Dublin would ask Brussels for "hundreds of millions" of euros in aid if Britain pulled out of the EU without…More

Dollar traded lower during morning trade

09:10 am 2019-01-02

 US dollar recorded modest losses against most of its largest counterparts on Wednesday, and markets showed caution over continued concerns about the global economy, its uncertainty about Britain's exit and the Fed's strategy to keep rates up. Shares in the Asia-Pacific region fell strongly. With the slow and continuous geopolitical shift, the governments of countries, including China, Russia, Turkey, Iran and India, have introduced their national currencies into mutual trade, abandoning the greenback. White House plan Pelosi to end government closure "informal" …More

JPY jumping against the currencies as traders move to safe havens

11:43 am 2018-12-28

Japanese yen rallied against the dollar on Friday, supported by demand for safe havens amid continued partial US government closures and concerns about global growth, as well as trade tensions between the two largest economies. In other news, Japanese stocks fell Friday as the yen rose, and the yield on 10-year government bonds fell below zero for the first time since September 2017. Japanese government bond yields fell 2.5 basis points to -0.005%, according to Japan Bond Trading, , And the yield rose to 0.155% in October.…More

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