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Stocks and Indices news

Tradingpeek is covering stocks and indices news, where as stocks are affected by the news, and there are some indicators through which you can evaluate the market correctly and especially the US indicators so we are interested in the tradingpeek site to provide stocks and indicators news through a professional team with a great experience in Working in financial markets.

Stocks and Indices news

European stocks rose with reports on the merger of Germany largest bank

09:17 am 2019-03-18

 European markets posted modest gains in early trade on Monday after German banks confirmed they were in discussions on a possible merger. Meanwhile, investors are still focusing on Britain's exit from the EU, as the government in London is trying to rally support for its deal in Britain's exit from the European Union before the third vote on Tuesday. Yesterday, British Treasury Secretary Philip Hammond said there was still insufficient support for the withdrawal agreement. Deutsche Bank, Coms Bank launch merger talks Deutsche Bank and…More

Asian shares rally higher amid Japan data

07:15 am 2019-03-18

 Asian markets rose on Monday as investors watched Japan's trade balance figures for February as they also looked for news about the US-China trade deal as negotiations continued. On Friday, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He said the two sides "made significant progress", but did not specify whether an agreement would be signed and its timing. Japan's imports fell 6.7% year-on-year in February Japan's imports fell 6.7 percent in February from a year earlier, according to provisional data from the country's finance ministry. Exports decreased…More

US stocks rise as US industrial output rises

01:59 pm 2019-03-15

 Wall Street opened gains on Friday after data from the US Federal Reserve showed an increase of 0.1% in US industrial production in February. Meanwhile, investors continued to pay attention to US-China trade talks. Secretary of State Mike Bombo announced that the meeting between Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, where the new trade deal will be signed, will not take place before mid-April. US industrial production rose 0.1% in February US industrial output rose by a seasonally adjusted 0.1 percent in February from a…More

European stocks rise and precious metals regain some of the lost value yesterday.

09:22 am 2019-03-15

Europe's main stock markets started in the latest trading session of the week as investors closely watched Britain's exit from the European Union and trade. Volkswagen AG has been charged by the US Securities and Exchange Commission to deceive US investors. Germany's wholesale price inflation rose by 0.3% in February Wholesale traders recorded a 0.3% rise in prices in February, compared with 0.7% in the previous month, the German statistical agency Destance said on Friday. The report showed the index rose 1.6% year-on-year or 0.3 percentage…More

Asia Pacific markets fall amid focus on trade talks

07:50 am 2019-03-15

 Markets in the Asia-Pacific region rose on Friday as investors shifted to news on Beijing-Washington trade talks. Previously, US President Donald Trump said that trade negotiations with China were going "well" and his team would probably announce its results in the next three to four weeks. Chinese media reported that the two countries "made significant progress in the text of the trade agreement." Meanwhile, the Bank of Japan announced that it will keep monetary policy steady, with interest rates at -0.1%. North Korea is considering suspending talks…More

US stocks rise higher after unemployment claims report

12:46 pm 2019-03-14

US stocks rebounded from declines and posted slight gains in pre-market trading on Thursday. US President Donald Trump said earlier he was looking forward to a trade deal with the UK and praised its potential as "unlimited". However, Thursday's figures, which showed initial jobless claims in the United States rose by 6,000 to 229,000 in February, led to a somewhat reduced mood. Initial jobless claims in the United States are rising by 6,000 to 229,000 US jobless claims for the week ending March 9 rose 6,000…More

European stocks open on a mixed note amid a state of uncertainty

09:48 am 2019-03-14

 Most European equity markets were trading just after opening on Thursday as traders focused on recent developments in Brexit from the European Union. Yesterday, British MPs voted on Britain's exit from the European Union, rejecting Prime Minister Teresa Mae's deal the day before. It remains to be seen whether they will decide the European Union's demand to extend Britain's exit from the European Union later in the night. Tusk: I will ask the EU to extend a long period of art 50 if necessary European…More

Asian markets are mixed with a focus on Brexit

07:40 am 2019-03-14

 Markets in East Asia mixed on Thursday as investors focused on Britain's exit from the European Union. Yesterday, the British parliament rejected Britain's exit from the EU without a deal. Today, a vote is to be taken on the extension of Article 50 and a three-month postponement of the withdrawal so that it can be negotiated. Meanwhile, China's industrial output rose 5.3% in February, with retail sales increasing by 8.2% the previous month. Yesterday, US President Donald Trump said Washington was "doing well" in trade negotiations with…More

Wall Street opens higher on focus on US data

02:13 pm 2019-03-13

 Markets opened in the US high on Wednesday as investors focused on the latest developments regarding the devastating collapse of Boeing, as well as uncertainty about Brexit from the European Union. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq Composite Index has risen to unseen levels since mid-October. On the business front, Boeing is facing financial claims because of the presence of 737 Max aircraft around the world, where a low-cost Norwegian airline said it would seek compensation. US producer prices rise 0.1% in February More

Stocks diverge in Europe after announcement of British tariff plan

09:21 am 2019-03-13

 The stock indexes on major European stock exchanges were looking for a trend early in the session on Wednesday. The losses were supplemented by a commitment by the UK government that it would implement temporary customs exemptions in the event of Britain leaving. Tariffs European Commissioner for Economic, Financial, Tax and Customs Affairs Pierre Moscovici told France 2 television on Wednesday that the EU needs to begin preparations on customs if Britain leaves the EU. The commissioner added that there would be no new negotiations…More

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