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Tradingpeek is covering stocks and indices news, where as stocks are affected by the news, and there are some indicators through which you can evaluate the market correctly and especially the US indicators so we are interested in the tradingpeek site to provide stocks and indicators news through a professional team with a great experience in Working in financial markets.

Stocks and Indices news

Wall Street opens in the green zone, Dow above more than 150 points

03:05 pm 2019-01-18

Wall Street opened in the Green Zone on Friday with the Dow opening more than 150 points. Investment incentives remained higher after reports emerged that US Treasury Secretary Steve Menuchin might propose easing or eliminating tariffs on Chinese goods. The market watcher also absorbed the latest industrial production numbers released before the opening bell. At the same time, investors also focused on a series of corporate results from yesterday as the earnings season began. US industrial production rose 0.3% in December Industrial…More

European markets rise and Renault announces increase in car sales in 2018

09:57 am 2019-01-18

  European markets started trading with gains on Friday amid continued uncertainty surrounding the UK's exit from the European Union. On the political front, Prime Minister Teresa Mae said it was not possible at this time to exclude Britain from the European Union. She pointed out that the government does not have the power to rule the scenario of non-dealing. At the same time, US President Donald Trump decided to cancel the US delegation's trip to the Davos Economic Forum due to the ongoing government closure.…More

Asian stocks rise amid rumors of tariff deregulation

07:26 am 2019-01-18

Asian stock markets rose on Friday after rumors that the United States could remove tariffs on China's imports.  Tesla has withdrawn more than 14,000 cars from the country because of a problem with airbags, officials in Beijing said. Meanwhile, Japan's Nissan Motor Co. said it would cut the number of contracted workers to 700 at its Mississippi plant. Japanese industrial production falls in November Industrial production in Japan fell 1.0% in November from the previous month and 1.4% from the same month in…More

US Jobless Claims and Wall Street Futures Falling Red

02:21 pm 2019-01-17

  US stocks extended their decline in markets on Thursday despite positive developments and after jobless claims On the diplomatic front. China has confirmed for the first time that Vice Premier Liu Hu will visit the United States at the end of January as part of ongoing trade talks. North Korean Vice President Kim Young-chul later flew to Washington to meet with Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo in Beijing, confirming earlier reports that he would do so. Unemployment claims in the US are down by 3000 to 213,…More

European stocks fall after the British government vote of confidence

10:02 am 2019-01-17

 European equity markets started trading on Thursday after a no-confidence vote in the House of Commons. Where Prime Minister Teresa Mae's government survived with 325 members of Parliament who support it. After the vote, May pointed out that the government needs to present the results of the people's vote as of 2016. Barnier: If the UK makes some concessions, the EU will do it too European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier said on Thursday the bloc was ready to make further…More

Asian markets varied after the UK vote, Huawei report

07:34 am 2019-01-17

 Asian markets mostly traded higher on Thursday ahead of the Bank of Japan Governor's speech, as market watchers followed the situation in the UK after the government's vote of no confidence. Investors also watched US quarterly earnings reports and reports that US prosecutors were investigating Huawei for stealing business secrets from its US partners. Hyundai to call 100,000 cars from the US market After a report that Kia Motors will lay off 68,000 cars in the United States to fix the fuel pipe problem…More

European stocks opened higher ahead of a no-confidence vote from May

09:03 am 2019-01-16

European markets mixed early on Wednesday ahead of a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Teresa Mae's government in the House of Commons, which rejected the Brexit convention overwhelmingly in parliament, with 432 votes against and 202 votes in favor. Mas: The EU can not make more concessions to Britain German Foreign Minister Haiku Mas said on Wednesday that the European Union had made all concessions to Britain's exit from the European Union after the defeat of British Prime Minister Teresa Mae's agreement in…More

Asian markets mostly fell after the brexit vote

07:36 am 2019-01-16

Asian markets fell mostly on Wednesday as investors awaited the UK Parliament's rejection of Britain's withdrawal plan from Prime Minister Teresa May. Johnson: May got a "tremendous mandate" to renegotiate British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said the defeat of Britain's EU exit agreement in the UK parliament gives Prime Minister Teresa Mae a "broad mandate" to negotiate a better deal. It is also reported that Brexit exit is still possible. "We should not only keep the good part of the deal, we should…More

US markets diverged with higher bonds and lower futures contracts

02:05 pm 2019-01-15

  US markets were mixed during pre-sale trading on Tuesday after President Donald Trump welcomed Volkswagen's $ 800 million investment in the country. Meanwhile, Delta Airlines, JP Morgan Chase and United Health Group announced their quarterly earnings. Banking giant Wells Fargo is also expected to report the opening bell. The euro fell 0.37% against the dollar to trade at 1.1426 at 15:54 CET.  Trump confirms that VW will manufacture electric cars in the United States US President Donald Trump went on Twitter on…More

European stocks open higher ahead of the House of Commons

09:13 am 2019-01-15

 European markets opened with gains on Tuesday as sentiment improved after China announced monetary and monetary policy measures to maintain growth, consumption and employment. With China's plan set, shares in the Asia-Pacific region rose, while optimism was also fueled by a signal from US Federal Reserve Chairman Richard Clarida that the central bank could lower its expectations of interest rate increases. At the same time, markets were preparing for a possible defeat in the UK government's attempt to push the Brixet agreement, in agreement with…More

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