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Tradingpeek is covering stocks and indices news, where as stocks are affected by the news, and there are some indicators through which you can evaluate the market correctly and especially the US indicators so we are interested in the tradingpeek site to provide stocks and indicators news through a professional team with a great experience in Working in financial markets.

Stocks and Indices news

Markets Asia were mixed on Tuesday after a volatile trading session on Wall Street.

07:24 am 2018-12-11

 Markets in East Asia were mixed on Tuesday after a volatile trading session on Wall Street. China criticized Canada for its "inhumane" treatment of the financial manager of Huawei Meng and Wenzhou, claiming that it does not provide the necessary health care. At the same time, Nissan regretted "false disclosures in the annual securities reports" after being indicted as part of the Carlos Ghosn case. The United States and China at the beginning of a new round of trade negotiations The United…More

Asian markets begin weekly trading in the red zone

06:42 am 2018-12-10

Markets in the Asia-Pacific region fell on Monday as trade tensions continued and tensions between China and the United States rose after Huawei's financial manager was arrested and charged with fraud. Meanwhile, US Trade Representative Robert Lautaizer said the arrest was "a matter of full criminal justice." He said the ongoing trade talks between the two countries were facing a "difficult deadline" of 90 days, after which new tariffs would be imposed. Prosecutors in Japan accuse Nissan and Ghosn Japanese prosecutors have…More

Wall Street saw a decline ahead of the core jobs report

11:34 am 2018-12-07

 US stocks are expected to start trading on Friday with losses after yesterday's turbulent trading day, which ended the Dow Jones Industrial Average with 79 points, despite a drop of 800 points at session lows. Investors are expecting the crucial Non-Farm Payrolls report ahead of the opening bell as a report on the Fed's plans for a more cautious approach to raising interest rates is absorbed. Powell's economy "overall very good performance" US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that the country's economy "is doing very…More

European stocks rise as trade worries ease

09:25 am 2018-12-07

 European equity markets rose shortly after the opening bell on Friday to rebound from yesterday's low and after a turbulent Wall Street session, with the Dow ending only 79 points, down 800 points at one point. Investors' optimism was raised after China's Ministry of Commerce expressed its satisfaction with last weekend's meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Donald Trump. The ministry also expressed confidence in reaching a trade deal during the 90-day trade truce agreed between Shi and Trump. Shortly after, Trump responded by…More

Asian markets rose after positive trade comments

07:51 am 2018-12-07

 Stock markets in East Asia and Australia rose mostly on Friday after positive comments on trade from China and the United States. However, investors have been concerned about the arrest of Huawei's chief financial officer on alleged violations of US sanctions against Iran that may affect the negotiations. Meanwhile, in Japan, Nikai said that prosecutors in the case of Carlos Ghosn are charging Nissan to allow the mismanagement of its chief financial officer. Prosecutors in Japan to charge Nissan - report Japanese…More

European shares fell amid geopolitical risks

09:24 am 2018-12-06

 A major fear factor - the US-China trade war - returned strongly to the spotlight and impacted stock valuations on Thursday, as well as the Breixt, the World Oil Agreement, Italy's budget dispute with the European Union and another series that continued to burn markets on their toes . Precious metals were in red. Italian budget Italian Deputy Prime Minister and political leaders of the ruling majority Luigi de Mayo and Matteo Salveni are determined to keep the target of the budget deficit for 2019…More

Asian markets are trading lower as global selling continues

06:50 am 2018-12-06

  Major markets in the Asia-Pacific region retreated with heavy losses on Thursday as they faced doubts about the US-China trade talks. US President Donald Trump expressed optimism, saying his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, "meant every word of what he said" at the G20 meeting. Meanwhile, the financial director of Huawei Technologies in Canada has been arrested in suspicions that it violated US sanctions against Iran. Investors also watched the OPEC meeting, which resulted in an agreement on reducing oil supply early next year. Huawei's financial…More

European stocks fall amid global selling

08:29 am 2018-12-05

 Markets in Europe have been trading deeply in the face of the crisis in the US and China. US officials have previously insisted on reaching a concrete agreement within three months. But President Donald Trump said on Tuesday the talks could "stretch." In addition, Tramp's economic adviser, Larry Kudlo, warned of "no guarantees" that China would change its trade practices China hopes to speed up trade talks Meanwhile, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce issued a statement saying it hoped both Washington and…More

Asian stocks traded lower after Wall Street closed lower

07:07 am 2018-12-05

  Asian stocks traded mostly on Wednesday after US markets ended with sharp losses. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce issued a statement describing the meeting between US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, successfully and claiming that Beijing would "implement specific changes in the consensus already reached." However, local media in Washington reported that Chinese officials were "troubled and irritated" by the Trump administration after the meeting. With regard to data, IHS Markit reported that Japan's services sector registered steady growth in November. …More

Wall Street is on the decline due to looming trade concerns

02:50 pm 2018-12-04

  Markets opened in the United States on Tuesday as investors focused on new developments aimed at resolving the long-standing trade dispute between Beijing and Washington. Larry Cudlow, chief economic adviser to US President Donald Trump, said the final agreement on car tariffs remained unresolved. Earlier, Trade Minister Wilber Ross said Trump had received very good confirmation from his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, on trade during their meeting in Argentina. Kudlo: Chinese car tariff agreement is not yet concluded The chief economic adviser…More

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