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Tradingpeek is covering stocks and indices news, where as stocks are affected by the news, and there are some indicators through which you can evaluate the market correctly and especially the US indicators so we are interested in the tradingpeek site to provide stocks and indicators news through a professional team with a great experience in Working in financial markets.

Stocks and Indices news

European stocks rose at the opening and British inflation fell

10:16 am 2019-02-13

European equity markets were trading in the green zone on Wednesday as market watchers watched the latest developments surrounding Brexit and the ongoing US-China trade talks. As Brexit approaches, Prime Minister Teresa Mae said on Tuesday that extending Article 50 and delaying the UK's exit from the EU would not serve any purpose, while British chambers of commerce warned of uncertainty about Britain's exit from the EU. The process caused damage to companies.   Britain's exit from the European Union (EU) will provide "an appropriate timing"…More

Asian markets rise with possible extension of trade truce

07:39 am 2019-02-13

 Asian stocks rose on Wednesday after US President Donald Trump hinted that the March 1 deadline could be extended to reach an agreement with China on trade. Meanwhile, the latest round of talks aimed at resolving the months-long trade dispute between the United States and China is resuming in Beijing, where US Treasury Secretary Stephen Manuchen and US Trade Representative Robert Laetzer meet with their Chinese counterparts. Officials are said to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping later this week. Japan's PPI fell by 0.6%…More

US markets open in green with optimism over trade talks

03:06 pm 2019-02-12

  Stocks in the US started trading on Tuesday in green on trade and optimism on government spending bill. Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin and Trade Representative Robert Laetzer have arrived in Beijing for another round of trade talks between the United States and China. Lawmakers from the Democratic Party and the Republican Party said they had reached an agreement on the government spending bill "in principle." The National Association of Independent Business reported a drop in optimism for small businesses in the United States last month. Federal Reserve Chairman…More

European stocks rise as US-China trade talks resume

11:02 am 2019-02-12

European stock markets rose shortly after the opening bell on Tuesday as market watchers echoed the latest developments surrounding Brexit and US-China trade talks. In the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May will once again talk to lawmakers and tell them that they must be patient in order to get the changes required in the UK exit package from the EU. At the same time, the United States expressed optimism about trade negotiations with China, where President Donald Trump said he was confident the talks would produce the desired…More

Asian markets are on the back of optimism by talking about trade

07:31 am 2019-02-12

  Asian markets have mostly been boosted by new US-China trade talks that are driving investors' optimism. Chinese Vice Premier Liu Ho is scheduled to meet with US Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin and Trade Representative Robert Laetizer over the weekend. The US side earlier expressed optimism about the overall bilateral talks. Samsung to abandon Daewoo acquisition of shipbuilding and marine engineering Samsung has abandoned Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, the Korean Development Bank confirmed on Tuesday, opening the door for Hyundai Heavy Industries…More

Bonds fell and US stocks rose amid anticipation of trade negotiations

03:12 pm 2019-02-11

Wall Street stocks rose on Monday at the opening bell as negotiations at the level of the US and China vice presidents began ahead of high-level talks on February 14-15. The US delegation, led by trade representative Robert Leftizer and Treasury Secretary Stephen Manuchen, will visit Beijing to meet their counterparts. Meanwhile, senior US lawmakers are meeting to discuss how to prevent the closure of another government. Bonds decline as Wall Street gains higher Optimism in Asian and European markets failed to…More

European stocks rise after Chinese holiday ends

10:01 am 2019-02-11

All the major indexes on the European stock exchanges were held in the green zone in early trading as investors were optimistic after a jump in stocks in China. Trade resumed in the most populous countries after the week-long Lunar New Year holiday ahead of comprehensive trade talks with the administration in Washington. US Treasury Secretary Stephen Menochin and Trade Representative Robert Laetzer will arrive in Beijing later in the week to meet with officials including Vice Premier Liu Hee. Sterling fell as markets prepared for statistical reports…More

Asian stocks close higher with a wave of trade optimism

07:23 am 2019-02-11

 Markets in Asia rose mostly on Monday as Chinese stocks rose amid new hopes that the country would reach a trade deal with the United States. The White House confirmed that US Trade Representative Robert Laetzer and Treasury Secretary Stephen Manuchen will head to Beijing for a new round of trade negotiations later this week. In addition, there have been reports that Washington plans to organize a meeting between President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Mar-Lago in mid-March. Trump consultants…More

Wall Street is opening up amidst trade uncertainty

03:17 pm 2019-02-08

 Wall Street markets started trading with losses on Friday amid lingering concerns about slowing global economic growth as well as uncertainty in US-China trade relations. Yesterday, President Donald Trump said he would not meet Chinese President Xi Jinping before the March 1 deadline for a comprehensive trade deal. He said earlier that the deal could not be concluded before the two settled some important issues. At the same time, both the European Commission and the European Central Bank said that the global economy is slowing, but is…More

Europe is trading mixed amid fresh trade tensions

09:49 am 2019-02-08

European markets mixed in early trade on Friday as trade concerns returned after US President Donald Trump confirmed he would not meet his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping before the trade war between their two countries ended on March 1. At the same time, uncertainty about the United States as well as the kingdom's exit from the European Union on stocks as the EU refused to reopen talks on the UK exit package from the EU. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Teresa Mae insists that she will…More

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