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Stocks and Indices news

Tradingpeek is covering stocks and indices news, where as stocks are affected by the news, and there are some indicators through which you can evaluate the market correctly and especially the US indicators so we are interested in the tradingpeek site to provide stocks and indicators news through a professional team with a great experience in Working in financial markets.

Stocks and Indices news

European stocks are trading in green and German consumer confidence is down

08:30 am 2018-11-28

 European equity markets rose shortly after the opening bell on Wednesday due to increased access to a US-China trade deal at the G20 summit later this week.  After US President Donald Trump threatened to impose customs duties on all Chinese imports, his chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlo, played down concerns, saying there was "good possibility" of reaching an agreement to end their months-long trade dispute. At the same time, GfK data showed that consumer confidence in Germany fell in November, expecting the trend to continue…More

Stocks in Asia are trading higher after Kudlow hinted at a trade deal with China

07:11 am 2018-11-28

Asian equity markets traded heavily in the green zone after Larry Kudlow, chief economic adviser to the United States, said there was "good possibility" of a trade deal with China at the G20 summit later this week. The Foreign Ministry in Beijing also expressed hope for an agreement.   Pyongyang nuclear armament make dialogue possible North Korea's announcement to complete the country's nuclear program opened the way for a dialogue with the United States and South Korea, North Korea said Wednesday. The media said the…More

European stock exchanges diverged and focus on major events during the week

09:18 am 2018-11-27

  European markets showed caution on Tuesday after the opening bell in Europe's stock markets. Equity investors continued to focus on short-term and medium-term events. US President Donald Trump will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping on December 1 to find a way out of the war. The British parliament will also vote on December 11 on the proposed deal that would facilitate a withdrawal from the European Union. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will hold a meeting on December…More

Asian stocks rally higher after Trump comments on trade tensions

06:55 am 2018-11-27

 Markets across Asia mostly rose on Tuesday after US President Donald Trump said a temporary tariff on China was "highly unlikely" US President Donald Trump said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that it was "highly unlikely" that Beijing's request to postpone raising tariffs on Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion would be granted to 25 percent. "If we do not make the deal, I will put an additional $ 267 billion at a tariff rate of 10 percent or 25 percent," he said. More

US stocks rose at the opening to reflect a bearish closing last week

03:22 pm 2018-11-26

 US stocks started trading on Monday well in the positive area of ​​recovery from the worst Thanksgiving week since 2011. The most famous shares, which are shares of FAANG Technology Group, excluding Netflix, were traded on gains after the last bearish entry in a week. Oil prices rebounded after suffering heavy losses last week, above $ 60 a barrel earlier in the day. In addition, online sales hit a record high this weekend, rising 23.6% over the same period last year, according…More

European shares open higher and British parliament voted on the bricast

08:58 am 2018-11-26

 European stocks opened higher in early trade on Monday as British Prime Minister Teresa Mae's move to leave the EU was approved by European leaders. However, the agreement has yet to be voted in the British Parliament where Mai faces opposition in all parties. In addition, the prime minister reportedly plans to hold a TV debate with Labor leader Jeremy Corbin before the vote. Rap urges parliament to reject the pact with May Former Brix secretary Dominique Raab wrote to the Sun newspaper…More

Asian markets are trading higher after lower oil prices

06:45 am 2018-11-26

  Asian stocks rose on Monday after falling oil prices on Friday, with Brent hitting a one-year low. Meanwhile, investors will watch any developments in the Sino-US trade war. The two countries plan to resume negotiations at the Group of 20 summit in Argentina over the weekend. The greenback was up 0.28% against the yen to trade at 113.2395 at 4:44 am. Future change in the Nissan and Renault alliance structure President Nissan: relationship with Renault is uneven …More

European shares open higher, German GDP shrinks

08:50 am 2018-11-23

  European stocks started trading higher on Friday as investors remained cautious amid concerns of the breixt and related news. The European Commission has approved a draft version of the political brix declaration yesterday.  While European Union leaders are expected to give the green light on Sunday at the European Council summit. Spain said it would refuse any deal unless it was granted the right to veto future arrangements for the British territory of Gibraltar. At the same time, data on the level of German GDP showed (GDP)…More

Asian markets lower after US warnings of using Huawei Chinese currency

07:09 am 2018-11-23

Asian stocks fell on Friday as reports emerged of US attempts to stop allies from using Huawei's equipment. At the same time, Nissan Motor confirmed that its board voted to dismiss Carlos Ghosn as president. US urges allies not to use Huawei - report The US government is trying to convince its allies and Internet suppliers not to use Huawei's communications equipment, the Wall Street Journal reported. Where Washington is concerned about the potential security risks posed by the use of Chinese technology, especially the…More

European stocks fell on concerns about the Italian budget

08:59 am 2018-11-22

 European stocks started trading in the red zone on Thursday as investors continued to be cautious amid Italian budget difficulties. Yesterday, the European Commission rejected the Rome budget proposal and announced the adoption of an excessive section against Italy.  Brussels added that it considered the Rome budget a serious risk of non-compliance. Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi de Mayo said yesterday that Rome and Brussels want the same thing and this is to reduce Italy's debt. On the other hand, the issue of "Breakst" headlines…More

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