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Tradingpeek is covering stocks and indices news, where as stocks are affected by the news, and there are some indicators through which you can evaluate the market correctly and especially the US indicators so we are interested in the tradingpeek site to provide stocks and indicators news through a professional team with a great experience in Working in financial markets.

Stocks and Indices news

European equities diverge as trade worries ease and Brexit

07:53 am 2019-05-15

Most European equity markets rose shortly after the start of trading on Wednesday with a focus on trade negotiations and the UK's exit from the European Union. Trade tensions  US President Donald Trump confirmed on Tuesday that the escalating trade war between his country and China was only a "small fight," adding that the two countries could still reach an agreement that would put an end to it. "The Chinese want an agreement, this…More

Stocks in Asia and the Pacific are rising with a focus on trade

06:36 am 2019-05-15

Stocks in the major stock markets in East Asia and the Pacific rose on Wednesday afternoon despite persistent tensions between the world's two largest economies. US Department of the Treasury announced that the head of the department, Stephen Menuchin, plans to visit China "soon" to continue trade negotiations. China's retail sales rose 7.2% year-on-year in April China's retail sales rose 7.2 percent in April from the same month last…More

US stocks markets open higher on Tuesday despite Trump tariffs

02:28 pm 2019-05-14

Markets in the United States opened gains on Tuesday after President Donald Trump on Twitter described his tariff policy against China. He said the metal tariff helped the defense and automobile industries and put the country in a "superb position" against China. Trump also announced that the trade war would be completed "when the time comes" and "much faster than people think." Earlier, he disclosed that he would meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20…More

European stocks rose despite trade uncertainties

08:17 am 2019-05-14

Europe's main markets were in the green zone during early trading in London, Paris and Frankfurt, as investors followed news about uncertainty about the new trade looming in the EU and the US. European Commission Commissioner for Commerce Cecilia Malmström said yesterday that the White House would not impose a tariff on EU car imports this week, but stressed that the bloc would respond immediately if the United States decided to charge car fees. At the same time, market observers turned to…More

Asian Markets Most indicators go down as trade war escalates

06:30 am 2019-05-14

  Asian stock markets mixed on Tuesday after China decided to return US tariffs on its goods. Beijing has announced it will raise tariffs on US goods worth 60 billion dollars. China's response to a similar move by Washington last week came after the two sides failed to reach a trade deal. A deep trade war led to selling on Wall Street, pushing the Dow down 600 points. China's trade policies of the United States threaten the…More

United States -China trade war ........What are the expectations?

01:39 am 2019-05-14

Economic history of various eras has witnessed many trade wars, but the most recent is the recent trade war between the United States and China. That war began last year, specifically on 22 March 2018, after US President Donald Trump announced the intention of the United States to impose a customs duty estimated at 50 billion US dollars on Chinese imports, under Article 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, which was enacted for Regulation of unfair trade practices…More

US markets are down due to trade concerns, and the Dow is down 400 points

02:33 pm 2019-05-13

 US stock markets started trading on Monday with losses after China announced it would respond to Washington's latest tax hike by raising tariffs on US goods worth $ 60 billion to 25 percent. Effective 1 June, with the addition of 5,000 additional products to the tariff list. . Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump warned that China would be "severely damaged" if it did not make a trade deal with Washington and accused Beijing…More

European stock exchanges are mixed, focusing on the Brexit

07:51 am 2019-05-13

Most stock markets in Europe were low soon after the start of the trading session with a focus on trade negotiations and the UK's exit from the EU. Stephen Barclay, the UK minister for Brixset, warned that the lack of agreement among members of parliament could cause Britain to remain in the EU. Trump calls on China to be wiser US President Donald Trump called on China to…More

Asian markets are trading lower as the trade war approaches

06:07 am 2019-05-13

Asian markets tumbled Monday as the trade war approached as US President Donald Trump raised tariffs on $ 200 billion of Chinese goods from 10% to 25%. Amid negotiations with Chinese officials over a trade deal. Beijing said it was ready for dialogue, but warned it would not back down on important issues in the talks. Kudlo admits that the United States will pay towards imposing tariffs White House economic adviser…More

Dow Jones falls 200 points after the United States imposed new tariffs

03:01 pm 2019-05-10

The Dow fell 200 points during intraday trading on Wall Street on Friday as investors followed President Donald Trump's recent remarks, which said earlier that tariffs on goods coming from China would bring "much more" wealth to the country than "even Huge trade deal. " Investment incentives remained low as all three major US indexes in the red zone traded. At the same time, market watchers also focused on the upcoming UPR IPO later in the day.More

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