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Stocks and Indices news

Tradingpeek is covering stocks and indices news, where as stocks are affected by the news, and there are some indicators through which you can evaluate the market correctly and especially the US indicators so we are interested in the tradingpeek site to provide stocks and indicators news through a professional team with a great experience in Working in financial markets.

Stocks and Indices news

European shares opened lower after the first session of the quantitative easing program

08:51 am 2018-12-14

Stocks in Europe opened lower on the ECB's decision, uncertainty about Britain's break-out as European markets were in the red zone after the opening bell on Friday as traders digested the announcement from the ECB that it would end its asset purchase program. In the UK, Prime Minister Teresa Mae has failed to secure guarantees on Northern Ireland support, as European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker expressed doubt about any deal being made by the British Parliament. On the data front, investors are likely to follow the PMI data…More

Stock markets in Asia tumbled after Trump comments

07:21 am 2018-12-14

 Stock markets in East Asia and Australia fell on Friday as trade negotiations between China and the United States continued. US President Donald Trump once again threatened Beijing with tariffs if trade talks fail. White House trade adviser Peter Navarro alleged that Chinese authorities had arrested Canadian nationals in a "reciprocal" move after the operations manager of Huawei Ming Wanzhou in Vancouver was arrested. Meanwhile, the media reported that China plans to buy more soybeans from the United States. On the data front, China's National…More

European stocks rise after May overturns vote of no confidence

08:41 am 2018-12-13

  Markets opened European stocks in the green zone in early trading on Thursday as the Chinese government announced it was considering changes to the China-made economic development plan in 2025 in an effort to ease trade ties with the United States. Meanwhile, in the UK, British Prime Minister Teresa Mae overtook the vote of no-confidence in parliament by a huge margin, with 200 votes in favor. Later in the day, traders also expect the ECB's decision on interest rates. Germany's consumer index rose by 2.2%More

Core consumer price growth in the United States rises to 2.2 percent

02:04 pm 2018-12-12

  The US Labor Department said on Wednesday it did not measure any change in consumer prices last month, compared to a 0.3 percent increase from October. The annualized increase was 2.2% in unadjusted terms and a 0.3 percentage point slowdown from the previous report. On the other hand, the index progresses at the same rate when changes in food and energy are stripped, indicating the underlying strength. From month to month, the base gauge added 0.2%. The Federal Reserve, which is due to issue a monetary policy statement next…More

European stocks rise and confidence vote in Vrtsa and the UK

10:20 am 2018-12-12

   European stocks were green in early trade on Wednesday as US President Donald Trump said he was optimistic about the chances of a trade deal with China. The world's second-largest economy has said it will cut tariffs on imported American cars from 40 to 15 percent. Meanwhile, political unrest in the UK continued when Prime Minister Theresa May faced a no-confidence vote. A group of the BRICsites group in the European Research Group (ERG) met with 48 votes needed to launch the vote. . May leadership…More

Asian stocks rise after Trump positive comments

06:30 am 2018-12-12

 Asian markets fell in the Green Zone on Wednesday after US President Donald Trump hinted at another meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss trade. "Maybe we'll have another meeting, maybe a VIP meeting on both sides, if that's necessary, I'll have another meeting with President Shi, whom I like very much and I agree with very well," Trump said. Tokyo promotes supervision of large data In another statement, the Japanese government plans to set up a supervisory body to look into the practices…More

European stocks rise and focus on the Brexit

08:46 am 2018-12-11

European stocks traded in positive territory shortly after the opening bell on Tuesday as investors focused their attention on recent events surrounding the UK's departure from the European Union. After the parliament's vote on Britain's withdrawal from the EU, which was likely to fail, was postponed, British Prime Minister Teresa Mae will go to Europe today in an attempt to try to get more concessions from EU leaders, The Irish. the condition. However, Brussels has already stressed that the agreement agreed in November will not be negotiated.…More

Markets Asia were mixed on Tuesday after a volatile trading session on Wall Street.

07:24 am 2018-12-11

 Markets in East Asia were mixed on Tuesday after a volatile trading session on Wall Street. China criticized Canada for its "inhumane" treatment of the financial manager of Huawei Meng and Wenzhou, claiming that it does not provide the necessary health care. At the same time, Nissan regretted "false disclosures in the annual securities reports" after being indicted as part of the Carlos Ghosn case. The United States and China at the beginning of a new round of trade negotiations The United…More

Asian markets begin weekly trading in the red zone

06:42 am 2018-12-10

Markets in the Asia-Pacific region fell on Monday as trade tensions continued and tensions between China and the United States rose after Huawei's financial manager was arrested and charged with fraud. Meanwhile, US Trade Representative Robert Lautaizer said the arrest was "a matter of full criminal justice." He said the ongoing trade talks between the two countries were facing a "difficult deadline" of 90 days, after which new tariffs would be imposed. Prosecutors in Japan accuse Nissan and Ghosn Japanese prosecutors have…More

Wall Street saw a decline ahead of the core jobs report

11:34 am 2018-12-07

 US stocks are expected to start trading on Friday with losses after yesterday's turbulent trading day, which ended the Dow Jones Industrial Average with 79 points, despite a drop of 800 points at session lows. Investors are expecting the crucial Non-Farm Payrolls report ahead of the opening bell as a report on the Fed's plans for a more cautious approach to raising interest rates is absorbed. Powell's economy "overall very good performance" US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that the country's economy "is doing very…More

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