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How to create paper ethereum wallet

2018-02-14 01:42 pm | Resource: Crypto Section | No Views : 1033

How to create paper ethereum wallet If you want to trade the e-currency, you should first have an electronic wallet in which you will keep coins.
Today, dear reader, will be about the paper ethereum wallet, what it is and how to extract it step by step from start to finish, as well as we will show you which of the wallets in different cases, and explain also the pros and cons of the paper wallet.
One of the safest ways to secure your currencies is the paper wallet of ethereum. It is a paper record of your own, and when you need to access it you will find it very easy.
Ethereum coin
The ethereum paper wallet is a piece of paper with some symbols. It is one of the safest ways to secure your currency from theft, looting, and penetration. It is ideal for people who want to keep their ethereum in storage. The paper wallet is certainly not part of the Internet. , So hackers can not access your currencies at any time, except in one case, someone is stalking you and watching you and stealing them from where you put them, which is very difficult of course.
But if a paper wallet is used for certain purposes, if you plan to keep your ether for long periods of time and do not look at market fluctuations, you can use a paper wallet to get you the desire to use your currencies. If you want to use your money in operations Exchange or speculation or even buy some things you want, we advise you not to buy a paper wallet, but it is better to use the electronic wallet to achieve the best what you want.

Steps to create a paper wallet for the ethereum coin

You must log in to myetherwallet site to download a JavaScript application for the site, but be aware that when you log on to this site, you must be careful to write it correctly and verify that the site is valid because of similar sites that steal your data and steal your money.
After accessing the site and making sure it's correct, start by clicking on your email, Twitter, and Facebook links to make sure that this site is correct and not a site that specializes in stealing your keys and stealing your coins.
Method of creating a paper ethereum wallet
You start by creating your own account and choosing a password. We recommend you to be at least 15 different characters, so it is difficult for anyone other than you to know your password, and then you can store this word but outside your computer to insure yourself from any operations piracy.
How to Create a Paper Ethereum Wallet
After choosing your password, you will be automatically transferred to download the keystore file, which means that your ethereum file is saved to the hard drive on your computer. Click on upload file and this is the next step.
So you've finished creating your own ethereum paper wallet, and all you have to do is print your protective wallet by pressing the print button.

Important Tips

  1. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your own ethernet electronics wallet:
  2. Your paper wallet has your own ethereum address and is similar to your bank account so do not post it or give it to anyone.
  3. Never reveal your password to anyone else.
  4. Save the file you downloaded to your computer and do not try to lose it.
  5. If you feel that someone has discovered your information and can steal you do not have to worry, you can tear off your suspicious paper notebooks and create another new one.
Ethereum paper wallet
If you are a mining enthusiast, it is recommended that you save the official public address of your camcorder to your computer, while preserving the word "ethereum" The secret is hidden as mentioned in the previous paragraphs to secure yourself from theft.

Send the ethereum from the paper wallet

Send the ethereum from the paper wallet
If you are using a JOSN file, to create your wallet, you can simply select a file when prompted and use it to send the ethereum to anyone immediately.
So we have finished explaining how to make a paper bag in the currency of the ethereum and how to use, and send the ethereum of them, and we hope that we have covered all the questions that were circulating in your mind dear reader.

How to create an Ethereum paper wallet (cryptocurrency cold storage)

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