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Cryptocurrency and WiFi .. Public networks is the biggest danger

2019-04-18 01:15 pm | Resource: Crypto Section | No Views : 593

Cryptocurrency and WiFi .. Public networks is the biggest danger If you are a large cryptocurrency investor, trade through your phone or laptop, and use public Wi-Fi networks, you will be at risk.
Public Wi-Fi points are one of the biggest threats to cryptocurrency traders, whether in hotels, cafes, parks, or airports, because they are the easiest target for hackers to steal everything they own. Lose all your money from money easily.

cryptocurrency and wifi spy

cryptocurrency and wifi spy
Hackers use public Wi-Fi networks to monitor the activity of anyone accessing these networks. Your information may vary from personal data, passwords to Internet access to browsing, or anything.
The hackers create a fake network whose name is the same as the public access point. For example, when you enter a hotel, you find two networks of Wi-Fi on the same name but the second is more than the first by adding one number to the name, in which case it could be hacker It has a network between the two networks.
The hacker collects your data and your device into the Wi-Fi network, and can then easily steal your login data for your preferred cryptocurrency, credit card information, and other important data for you.

Interception of communication

Interception of communication
Another kind of cryptocurrency is through the public Wi-Fi network, which is intercepting the connection. The hacker tries to block the user's request to access a particular site, sending a phishing message that appears to be completely legitimate until you enter it. It's easy to steal a lot of you.
For example, you try to access your e-mail, and a hacker succeeds in intercepting the connection between your device and the e-mail provider. It would be easy for him to convert you to a fake site, but it is completely legitimate. You write your e-mail and password even You can login, but here the hacker steals you and steals this data and then can do a lot in your data.
This type of hacking only targets data sent between two points, by sending a third party that looks quite legitimate, to trick you into stealing your most important data.

Network penetration programs

Network penetration programs
This type of data theft will not be for the hobbyist, but rather hackers, who are well aware of computer programs. This depends on using a specific program to intercept your data. This class of software is called Packet Sniffing.
These programs are a form of monitoring the form of surfing the Internet in private institutions, and here is the hacker to collect your important data, including the key to your digital desktop wallet,  and other important data, which helps later in the theft of all your property of the digital currency.

Cookies and steal cryptocurrency

Cookies and steal cryptocurrency
Cookies do not end there, but cookies can be a tool to steal all your digital currencies. Cookies are small packets of data that web browsers collect from websites and are usually stored as text files on a computer. To make it easier for you to return to the same location.
We also mentioned that cookies are text files that can contain your password, key, or important data in your circulation in the growing digital currency market.
The hacker can intercept and steal these cookies, and it is easy for him to use them in your theft or extortion. This kind of hacking is known as Cookies Theft.
The hacker can now impersonate yourself and connect to multiple sites on your behalf, send a digital currency from your account to another account, and do a lot more, so do not expose yourself to these risks.

Protect cryptocurrency from the risk of Wi-Fi theft

Protect cryptocurrency from the risk of Wi-Fi theft
In order to protect yourself and your data as well as your digital currency from theft or hacking, you must do a number of things to protect yourself, which we will tell you about below.
  • Avoid running public Wi-Fi networks around you, and just be on the network of your phone or computer.
  • When you need to access a Wi-Fi network, try to use a password-protected network because it is difficult to penetrate.
  • Always take care of making updates to your device while running antivirus software.
  • Avoid keeping any financial activity from Bitcoin (BTC) or even traditional financial transactions on your machine, while avoiding doing such transactions using public networks no matter what.
  • Verify that the real network name is correct where you are located.
  • When you are finished, make sure you turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you're connected to a network through them.
  • Do not always trust the phantom names of Wi-Fi because it will cause you a lot of risk in the circulation of the wonderful cryptocurrency.

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