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Cryptocurrency and most traded countries .. Know the full set

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Cryptocurrency and most traded countries .. Know the full set Buying and trading of cryptocurrency has become a real global phenomenon. There are many people who have become a haven for this market.
We are now familiar with the most searched countries for digital currency, initiated by a group of amateur Bitcoin mining (BTC) companies, before this mining becomes a huge international industrial investment that brings in billions of dollars.
The Digital Currency tool DataLight, conducted a research on monthly visits to 100 global cryptocurrency platforms, to reach any countries whose people are highly interested in this emerging market at lightning speed.

The United States is more interested in the cryptocurrency market

The United States is more interested in the cryptocurrency market
Through research, the United States was the leader in digital currency trading, with more than 22 million monthly visits to various platforms.
Japan and South Korea ranked second and third, respectively, due to the popularity of the market in both countries. The two countries' rulers are constantly regulating the market, encouraging investment in this area.
Second-place visit to Japan was 6.1 million monthly, while South Korea received 5.7 million monthly visits.
The UK has a good share of the rankings, with fourth place, with almost 4 million monthly visits, and 3.8 million visits to the trading platforms.
Russia ranked fifth with 3.1 million monthly visits to the digital currency exchange platforms.

China is out of pocket for this reason

China is out of pocket for this reason
A country like China, known to have its people of people who have a big obsession towards cryptocurrency despite the state of ban imposed by the government in the country, has not come in the order of the foundation.
DataLight said that the reason for China not being in the ranking is that the data is calculated on the IP addresses of the country, so Chinese traders and others who use VPN are completely out of the box because it is difficult to control all of this IP.

Conventional currency volatility causes the emergence of countries in the order of cryptocurrency

Conventional currency volatility causes the emergence of countries in the order of cryptocurrency
The volatility of the traditional currencies of countries is very bad, so the people of these countries are trying to find another way to put their money in them to remain safe away from fluctuations in the local economy.
Thus, the report saw Turkey, Mexico, and Ukraine in an order that no one had ever expected in this analysis due to the collapse of the local currency in these countries.
Turkey, for example, witnessed last year significant fluctuations in the value of the Turkish lira, as the country's turbulent political conditions shook. Interestingly, on one day in August 2018, the 10% decline in the value of the lira was accompanied by a significant increase in volumes on Bitcoin LocalBitcoins.
This dynamic is also likely to explain the surprisingly high traffic in Ukraine and Mexico, as citizens are unsure of the stability of their paper currencies, so they are looking for alternative ways to store their value.
Turkey ranked ninth in the rankings, with 2.4 million visits per month, while Ukraine was ranked 12th with 1.9 million monthly visits and Mexico at 16th with 1.4 million monthly visits to various platforms.

India appears despite the ban and Indonesia ranked last

India appears despite the ban and Indonesia ranked last
The research found that India ranked 11th, with a visit rate of 2 million monthly visits, which comes despite the ban imposed by the central bank in the country for almost a year.
Since then, the local digital currency exchanges have been forced to close or severely curtail their activities in the country.
While Indonesia came in the 20th place with a low visit rate of only 894236 visits per month.

cryptocurrency covering the world

cryptocurrency covering the world
The analysis confirmed that digital currency is becoming increasingly needed worldwide. In almost every country in the world there are some trading movements, with the exception of Greenland and parts of Central Africa. However, the efforts of Binance may offer the possibility of trading these currencies to Central Africa because they launched Binance Uganda in October 2018.
So the spread of digital currency around the world, is only a matter of time, as it is a force imposed on all countries.
The analysis also showed that the high prices of cryptocurrency in April this year in general, and the rise in the price of Bitcoin (BTC), in particular, has contributed significantly to increase trading periods for this market in all regions of the world.
Here is a breakdown of the DataLight site, about this analysis.
Cryptocurrency and most traded countries .. Know the full set

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