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Crypto Decred and focus on privacy .. Learn more

2019-08-30 10:16 am | Resource: Crypto Section | No Views : 44

Crypto Decred and focus on privacy .. Learn more The Crypto Decred project announced that it is adding some new privacy-focused features to its DCR token, in a statement last Wednesday, August 28.
According to the official Decred blog, these new features are meant to be "simple, adaptable and creative."
The publication explained:
"Decred has implemented a variety of CoinShuffle ++ in its portfolio. Although it is possible to perform this process in a peer-to-peer (" P2P ") manner, which ignores the limitations that come from public online routing, so we created a server, csppserver, "We have integrated the client into dcrwallet. About 12.5% ​​of all circulating decrees are expected to benefit from privacy within a few months."

Crypto Decred More privacy and less encoding

Crypto Decred More privacy and less encoding
Jake Yokom Byat, co-founder and principal director of the project at Decred, explained that his team has been quietly working to add these privacy features to Crypto since 2017, and that they have only a few hundred lines of code, compared to thousands or tens of thousands of other privacy-focused projects.
According to the announcement, Decred is designed on the security principles of Blockchain technology, integrated governance and the self-financing block reward that makes it an outstanding store of value.
Yocom-Piatt added:
“With these foundations in place, we are keen to build privacy features that will enhance the security of our users.”

Decred wants to provide the right amount of privacy
Decred wants to provide the right amount of privacy

Decred is a cryptocurrency based on Blockchain technology, open source, created by many crypto enthusiasts claiming that the bitcoin decision-making process has become more centralized due to the presence of mining clusters.

The price of Crypto Decred and its most important figures

The price of Crypto Decred and its most important figures
At press time, on Friday, August 30, DCR is trading at about $ 22.7, up 1.65% over the last 24 hours, and the market capitalization is generally $ 234 million, according to data from the digital currency coinmarketcap analysis, which showed that the currency It is ranked 32nd in the cryptocurrency race by market value.
On July 19 this year, Crypto privacy-focused Zcash (ZEC) merged into the new Blockchain network, Ycash, with a total offering of 21 million currencies.

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