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How to create paper bitcoin wallet

2018-02-15 03:04 pm | Resource: Crypto Section | No Views : 1882

How to create paper bitcoin wallet We are completing another lesson in the electronic currency Bitcoin today, and our topic will talk about how to create a coin-based paper wallet, step by step, the benefits of a paper wallet, its disadvantages, and the best websites to extract that wallet. Keep it in mind when you are extracting a paper wallet.
As we discussed in a previous lesson about the wallet of electronic currency, "Bitcoin", in detail, about the types, characteristics of each type, as well as the negatives, and nominations of any wallet of them in various cases.
The paper wallet is the safest in the world, to keep your digital assets in security and peace, it is easy to print a paper with some of your symbols, but it contains your digital currency, making it difficult for others to process your theft.
Bitcoin paper wallet

What is a paper bitcoin wallet?

The bitcoin's wallet is made up of two keys, a public key and a private one. The general title of the wallet, where you can receive money from others, is exactly the opposite: it allows you to send your coins to others.
And of course your key, no one should know, so you do not steal easily, do not disclose this number to anyone.

Create a paper bitcoin wallet step-by-step

Create a Bitcoin Wallet from
The first step in creating a paper wallet is to generate a unique home address that you can do through your web browser by accessing When you enter the site you will find a number of letters and numbers, After your completion of this process, you will be presented with your public and private keys and each key code, and you should not disclose any of this information to anyone.
create paper wallet
After clicking on the "paper wallet" tab, the site gives you the number of addresses you want to generate. Once you have selected the required number of addresses and clicked Create, you will be redirected to the page you ordered, and then the word print.
Create a paper wallet from bitcoinpaperwallet
Another platform is to create a paper wallet, the bitcoinpaperwallet platform, which allows users to create tamper-resistant designs, as well as 3D tags to make sure that the wallet has different privileges and is tamper resistant, making it difficult to penetrate.
There is also the platform, through which you can make your paper wallet by pressing the paper wallet link button on the left menu, and then you can print your paper wallet.

Paper bitcoin wallet security problems

paper bitcoin wallet
The paper wallet is one of the safest, but users should always take serious precautions to ensure that their wallet is safe. This type of wallet is available to save a large amount of electronic access, and fraud and theft are very common in electronic currencies. To stay alert all the time.
This is why we do not prefer to use that wallet to maintain a large amount of access. If you want to save a large amount of electronic currencies, you should buy a wallet of hardware, such as Trezo, and Ledger, and we talked about them in detail in the lesson of the wallet of Bitcoin .. Best types and advantages and disadvantages .

Important Tips

A paper wallet for Bitcoin
  1. Make sure no one sees you when you create your paper wallet, so they do not copy your own key and steal your money.
  2. You must use an antivirus-free operating system, completely clean, to avoid the dangers of various spyware, which may be vulnerable to detecting your own number and thus stealing your Mavi wallet.
  3. Once you have created your paper wallet from any platform, the site code must be able to run offline, and to ensure this, disable your Internet connection before generating public and private keys.
  4. For more security and privacy, print your wallet to a printer that is not connected to any network.
  5. Keep your paper bag in a closed room to avoid moisture and wallet damage, and your wallet can be encapsulated as a kind of increased security.
  6. Your electronic wallet, like your important documents, do not go to a lawyer or individuals you trust, only you know its way and know what it is.
Finally, dear reader, we have finished explaining the way to extract the paper Bitcoin wallet. It is quite easy in the method of construction. In the following lessons we will present the creation of an electronic wallet for other electronic currencies. We hope you have benefited from these previous words. Such wallet or other, contact us immediately from our contact service.

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