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MONERO The most secret electronic currency

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MONERO  The most secret electronic currency Monero, "XMR", another virtual currency in the world of virtual currencies, we will talk about today in our new lesson, and we will try to explain the idea of ​​the currency, its goal, and its value at the moment, and the pros and cons, and how you can trade them.

Monero currency

Monero is one of the many electronic currencies that have come into being today, a currency created in South Korea in April 2014, designed to preserve the confidentiality and identity of the user, making it popular on the black market. Accepted by dealers in exchange for weapons and drugs, according to a report released early last year.
But the currency is now one of the strongest electronic currencies and ranks 13th in the world's most valuable digital currency, surpassing $ 288, according to "coinmarketcap". It also appeared on several lists predicting to be one of the biggest competitor for "Bitcoin", in This year.
The currency was first introduced in 2013 by Nicola van Saberhagen, the creator of this currency, and of course it is the pseudonym of an unknown person. By April 2014, Monero was in the standard form now.

Identity Confidentiality for Monero Users

Monero Digital currency
The currency was created to deal with the problem of Bitcoin, in the problem of anonymity. Although Bitquin is characterized by this feature, but the blockchain method makes it easy to track the users of the Bitcoin. Here comes the role of Monero, who uses several methods to maintain anonymity, , Which means that the user's proxy address becomes encrypted, can not be linked to the user. Monero also collects hundreds of transactions, making it difficult to track a specific transaction and hide the amount of currency used in each transaction.
Monero can solve many of the problems facing the Pitcairn. In the future, we may be able to pay rent by virtual currency, but with Bitcoin the landlord can track your account and find out how much money you have. Monero keeps the person anonymous so people do not know the details of the financial account.

The technical structure of the Monero

The average size of the two blocks to about two minutes, and the dynamics on which the size of the blocks of the currency is derived from the average of the previous blocks, which means that the occurrence of any rise in all transactions will be set its own blocks automatically, within a reasonable time frame.

Conservative that supports Monero

Monero Virtual Currency
Mymonero wallet: This wallet is available on the Internet, and enables users to store and send currency without using the applications of the governor, all the user needs is to save his secret sentence, before sending money to the wallet, and allows the user to have an overview of Account, add to send and receive funds with easy use interface.
There are also many coin portfolios, including a wallets called Jaxx, a computer desktop console known as Exodus, and well-known currency trading platforms, including Bittrex, Shapeshift, and Poloniex.

Monero Currency Features

  • Can not be tracked.
  • Have the ability to unlink transactions.
  • The analysis of plucin can be resisted.
  • The time of each block is about 12 seconds.
  • The block encryption system uses AES and the number of SHA-3.
  • Difficulty mining.

Get Monero Currency

Monero Digital Currency
You can not buy this currency through the platform coinbase, which is the most trading platforms in the electronic currency market, but dear reader in front of you other solutions it is possible to use the local monero site, to find someone who already owns and wants to sell and buy from it.
It is also possible to buy another electronic currency available in the purchase process such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, and then convert the currency into Monero currency, through various electronic currency conversion sites.

Monero Currency Development

Always wish the currency to develop itself in the electronic currency market, but here are only developing a partial secret, is currently being developed for the currency, when the transaction will be fully encrypted, it will also hide the IP of transactions, so as to reduce the electronic currency network monitoring to distinguish And also reduce the risk of stealing your e-money.

Competitors of Monero currency

Monero and its competitors
  • Currently, Monero's currency has rivals such as Dash, which uses a similar strategy in terms of grouping each other to maintain anonymity, and Dash's currency is currently in 11th place, valued at about $ 690.
  • Zcash is also a competitor to the Monero coin, claiming that the encryption method it uses makes it impossible to track it. The currency is currently at the 23rd position, worth $ 466.
  • Charley Lee, the founder of the Litecoin, said on Twitter that he was interested in dealing with Monero, so the two currencies could easily be exchanged.
  • It is noteworthy that the currency of the Litecoin, ranked fifth in the ranking of electronic currencies, and the value in the currency market default to $ 213.

The value of Monero in the electronic currency market

The value of Monero in the virtual currency market was about $ 288.49, which is equivalent to 0.02949470 Bitcoin, while the market value was $ 4,537,219,547, which is equivalent to 463,872 Bitcoin.

What Is Monero?

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