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Liberland .. The first virtual state in the world

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Liberland .. The first virtual state in the world It seems that the technology and its comprehensive development in all areas of life have given everyone a chance to do anything. Today, we are facing a strange event. After Satoshi Nakamoto invented the Bitcoin to confuse the central banks, On the granting of digital currency.
The state is the first of its kind and, according to the British newspaper Telegraph, the state will launch its own digital currency within months.
About half a million people apply for the state's citizenship, called the state of Libreland, a mere seven-kilometer-long sandy beach next to the Danube river between Coratia and Serbia, 10 km south of the Hungarian border, and 5,500 people from the United Kingdom From Libreland.

Location of Lieberland

Of course, this is a madness in itself to think about creating a virtual state, but as we have mentioned, the evolution of technology has made everyone think about anything different and try to apply it. "No one thought that digital currencies were invented, the shape?".
Gedilka was subjected to a currency of arrest after reporting on the new virtual state by Croatian officials, after trying to establish a camp in Liberland, exploiting a loophole that prevented Croatia from claiming sovereignty of the region. Gedela said the situation in Liberland was still difficult, The Croatian police are persecuting visitors to the area as well as the settlers, adding that he is waiting for acquittal from the Croatian Constitutional Court, explaining that the settlement of the virtual state has moved from land to the river and hosts visitors daily.

Nationality in Libreland

Gedela, his wife and son in Leiberland
You can get the jinxes in Libreland, by processing some simple paperwork, and send them via e-mail, and it is possible to make Skype calls to communicate with the representatives of Libreland, which number about 100 people in different countries.
Leiberland is approaching the launch of a legal system based on plucheen technology, by signing citizens to digital contracts that computers recognize and store, similar to the way in which digital books are stored in the currency of the Bitcoin.

Libreland Digital Currency

Liberland will launch its own digital currency on April 13, coinciding with the country's third anniversary. All those paying taxes will receive merit's units, giving donors a real share of the country.
The State agreed to accept the currencies of "Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum" for its financial operations, as well as grants from others to support the idea.
"He has been a financial market analyst for several years, so he is well aware of the shape of the system in which countries will live," he said, adding that he did not pay more attention to bitcoin in 2010 when he first discovered it in his life, adding that he was not worried about his country's currency reserves Because of the lack of debt.

Liberland logo

"Live and let others live." This is the slogan of the state of Liberland. "Gedela" explained that he plans to create another state with the same characteristics as Libreland, but all this depends on the local population of the country.

Extensive arrests campaign

Gedela and his successor were Leiberland
It is difficult to convince the local population. This is the biggest challenge now in Liberland. The first Liberals, who have been forcibly removed from the sandy beach, are being pursued by the Croatian police. About 100 people have been arrested since 2015.
In this context, he explained that they were accused of leaving Croatia and the Schengen area illegally, asserting that this is the biggest evidence that Liberland is not part of Croatia.
From a distance, the plans of Gedelika, who spent three years trying to build a nation from scratch, and travel to collect representatives sharing his low-tax targets in 100 different countries, all while looking after his wife and son, seem illusory.
Gedlicka has seen the boom of Bitcoin alongside the rise of Facebook, Amazon and Google. Subversive technology is sure to have the same impact on governments as it has on financial institutions.
"I worked for many years to cut taxes and laws in the Czech Republic, but I suddenly realized that creating a new country would be easier than reforming a country that already exists." We have suffered 40 years of severe damage to our society under the communist regime. Unfortunately, many The officials themselves are in power again. "

Investment in Libreland

Liberland has entered the interest of business people, especially businessman Roger Fair, one of the first investors in the Bitcoin.
Patrick Schumacher, CEO of Zaha Hadid Architectural Engineering, is one of the proponents of the idea and has presented state-of-the-art works and designs to the independent state.
For those who are contemplating this adventure, Gedlicka recommends that they wait for the arrival of spring.
"The early spring is the best time to come to Liberland. Our social and cultural life begins to flourish, and the Liberals can take boats and dinghies in the waters of Libreland," he explains.
"We hope the land itself will be secure soon, but we will be ready even if it takes longer, we also have a community and an infrastructure on the banks of the river side," he said.

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