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IOTA .. Digital currency outside Blockchain

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IOTA .. Digital currency outside Blockchain A new digital currency will be the focus of our conversation today. We will present you with information about the IOTA currency, its main advantages and disadvantages, its current price, its value among other digital currencies, and the method of purchasing it.
In the beginning we should know that the currency of the IOTA is a digital currency, and the price is still affordable and can be traded very simply, has a specific number and can not increase at all, and the Iota that will be created is: 2779530283277761 currency only, The currency of the Bitcoin is considered to be one of the currencies to be seen in future currencies and will have a brilliant future in the digital currency market.

The origin of IOTA

IOTA currency
Founded in 2015 by David Sonestepo, Sergey Evanschlou, Dominique Schechner and Sergey Popov, and started like the rest of the other electronic currencies in the experimental phase, in 2016 was the experimental test of the currency and began trading among users for 11 months.
In December 2017, the market capitalization of the Iota currency reached $ 6.5 billion, making it a strong Digital currency.

IOTA currency

It means a database, an open source distributor, an encrypted currency designed to provide secure connections and payments between machines on the Internet.
It uses the Directed Acyclic graph-DAG technology instead of the conventional Blockchain technology.
IOTA transactions are characterized by conversion from person to person, from machine to person, from machine to machine, completely free of charge, no fees, no matter the size of transaction, the speed of confirmation time, the number of transfers the network can carry at the same time Limited, the network can accommodate the increase, that is, it has the capacity to expand unlike the technology of the Blockchain.
Iota is managed and monitored by IOTA FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization like the Linux Foundation, which was created specifically to develop technology and ensure that it is without a domain-specific license to allow all developers to develop it.
In collaboration with Volkswagen and Innogy, the company has developed the CarPass, a technology based on the Iota, that enables the production of secure inspection records, digital IDs and car charging networks.

Name IOTA this name

IOTA Digital Coin
In the short term, the Internet of Things is abbreviated as the thing that frightens every human being but it is conceivable that it is possible with IOTA, but on the positive side it is of course conceivable that all Coca-Cola refrigerators, for example, are connected to a system that tests any machine that sells more in the world. You will directly connect a machine to transport the drinks so as to transport a better commodity to the machine that sells the most that its stock is finished as soon as possible and at the lowest cost simply we create a trade between machines and this is more than wonderful.

IOTA addresses the problems and drawbacks of Blockchain

IOTA aims to correct and treat 3 of the major defects in the Blockchain:

1- Fees on transactions

The currency of the transaction is free of charge, regardless of the transaction size, the speed of transaction confirmation time, or the number of transactions transferred by the network.

2. The problem of scalability

This is the main point of thinking to look for an alternative to the Blockchain. The problem is that it can grow in value by dividing it into small parts to increase the number of investors in the currency. In the Blockcahin, there is no expansion. It is available in Iota which, when dealing with that point, Pillars of its infrastructure.

3. Transactions offline

It also provides offline transactions through the use of sub-tangles, which connect to the main tangles later, and this point is not present in any non-iTunes technology.

Buy IOTA currency

This currency can be purchased through two platforms, Bitfinex, Binance, and you can buy them either through traditional currencies, including the dollar, or other digital currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Putting and value of IOTA in the digital currency market

IOTA today According to coinmarketcap, the currency of IOTA is in eleventh place among the digital currencies. The currency of Monero, Nem and Dash, the most important contender for the currency at present, has a market value of $ 5.5 billion, which is equivalent to 518,828.34 Bitcoin. As for its current market price, It reached $ 1.99, which is equivalent to 0.00018666 Bitcoin.

Investing in IOTA

The currency of the new digital currency, which we should also take into account, has now its market value of more than five billion dollars, and last year rose by 564%, and what distinguishes this currency that there are no trading fees or two metals or blocks, a currency Seek to become a secure online payment method. Utah's currency has been boosted by its partnership with Microsoft to join the list of the most popular digital currencies.
Investment in this currency is a good option, because it has become a recent interest, and it may rise more than it is now in the future, which is what our dear reader is waiting for that currency.

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