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What is the ripple? - Buy ripple - Ripple price

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What is the ripple? - Buy ripple - Ripple price Ripple is the most powerful digital currency in the world of virtual currencies, and is the third largest currency in the currency market, we will talk today in detail about that currency, how to mining and the extraction of the wallet, and the importance of this currency and how you can benefit from them,

What is the ripple?

The "Ripple", a digital currency symbol "XRP", the open payment network through which the currency is transferred, is an open source payment system designed to enable people to free themselves from financial network restrictions whether banks, credit cards or other institutions Which restrict access to money by paying fees, as well as currency exchange fees and delays.
It is the world's third largest currency in terms of liquidity. The currency was produced in 2013 by OpenCoin, headed by co-founder Chris Larsen, who confirmed that the company was serving users' interest in the currency.

The Ripple team

OpenCoin has created the Ripple Currency Protocol, which was shared by CEO Chris Larsen and technical president Jed McCaleb. Where the technical president has considerable experience in the digital currency, and came from the company Mt. Gox, which currently holds the majority of bitcoin's deals in the world. While Larsen was an early participant in the founding and leadership of E-LOAN Financial Online. As for the other developers of the Ripple Team, they also have a great background for Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Advantages of the Ripple for Bitcoin

 Bitcoin and Ripple
  • The speed of transmission in the rectangle is characterized by faster transmission of the bitcoin.
  • Ripple is less expensive in the process of conversions than Bitcoin.
  • The process of conversion in the riyal is not delayed. The goal of the currency is to accelerate the process of large transfers, especially those that cross borders.

Competitive Ripple with Bitcoin

ripple and Bitcoin
The Ripple is complementary to the Bitcoin. In the site there is a dedicated page from the Ripple formation team to the owners of the bitcoin, and the design of the Ripple network allows the smooth transfer of any form of currency such as USD - Euro, Yen, or bitcoin.
Stephen Thomas, a senior developer of the Ripple Protocol, said the Ripple will open many portals for Bitcoin users, as well as provide easier ways to link the Bitcoin with the global stream of finance, so there is no competition between the two currencies but there is complementarity.

Available number of Ripple in the future

The company plans to create 100 billion Ripple coins, but confirms that half of this amount will be released for trading, while the other half will be held by the company.

Ripple .. freeware but

Currency of the ripple
The ripple is described as almost free, not completely free, so the ripple does not collect transaction fees in the same way as PayPal, banks and credit cards.
However, a very small fraction of each ripple coin (equivalent to ~ 1/1000 cents) is deducted from each transaction. The purpose of this deduction is to protect the system from trying to place millions of transactions at the same time.

The value of the Ripple

ripple in February 2018 The current value of the ripple is $ 1.03, equivalent to 0.00009774 bitcoin, and the market value of $ 40.24 billion, equivalent to 3,812,944 bitcoin, according to coinmarketcap.

How to Buy Ripple?

Get the ripple Wallet

The Ripple Wallet
To buy the Ripple, you must first choose the right wallet for you. You can own the Rippex wallet by uploading it here. Once you have downloaded the file, install and open the wallet.
You will then enter your account, and if you do not have an account, it is easy to create a new account by creating a new account. After that, you will be asked to set a place to save your new wallet file.
It is also recommended that this file be saved to an external hard drive, for example, as a type of security operation.
After that you are prompted to encrypt your new wallet file, enter a hard password and do not forget it, and then click on "encrypt account".
For a safer way to save the ripple from any hacking, you can purchase a hardware wallet, such as the Ledger Nano S, which costs up to $ 97.

Choose a suitable exchange or sale platform

You have two ways to buy a currency, such as the dollar, the euro and other currencies. This can be done through GateHub, for $ 15 for international transfers, or Bitstamp by bank transfer.
The other way is to buy a ripple for another electronic currency such as a bitcoin. This is done by some platforms, including: Changelly, Shapeshift, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex.

Pull your ripple to your wallet

If you are interested in the encrypted currency for a while, then you know that leaving your currencies in the trading platforms is not a good idea, and rather insecure, so the last step is to pull your ripple to your wallet, once you get confirmation, that's it, Now officially become the owner of the Ripple.

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