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Cardano .. The first currency based on scientific philosophy

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Cardano .. The first currency based on scientific philosophy Today we are talking about a new digital currency, which is already new to our study today or to the area of virtual currency trading, Cardano, and to talk about the origin of the currency, how it operates and its position in the market, as well as its own buying methods and price.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a decentralized Blockchain, a new digital currency project called ADA, which aims to develop a smart contract platform aimed at more advanced features than any other antecedent protocol, and based on currency inventors, it is the first Blockchain platform based on a scientific philosophy.

The Origins of Cardano

Cardano digital coin
A relatively new currency, which appeared in October 2017, did not complete a year in its history, but it is the first Blockchain to evolve from a practical philosophy and research approach to revolutionize smart contracts and provide more sophisticated platforms.

Cardano Features

  • Currency Algorithm

One of the most prominent features of the European invention is the invention of Europorus, one of the major innovations in the field of plaque, a new proof of the quota algorithm, which eliminates the need for energy to prove the protocols of work, and it is likely to apply in the future in a large and wide.
  • Currency wallet

One of the advantages of this currency, the wallet of daedaluswallet, a multi-hierarchical and secure platform, has the ability to export paper certificates, to achieve the greatest security of cold storage, and its encrypted keys and passwords reduce malicious software and other security breaches, Ensure users are configurable to view which transactions are irreversible.

How the cardano works

Cardano has developed two layers that separate the ledger of account values from the reason for transferring values from one account to another.
This chapter allows smart contracts written on the platform to be more flexible, companies can take advantage of this chapter to adapt design and confidentiality, and implement all smart contracts to better suit their usage situations.

The current price of the Cardano

Cardano currency price in February 2018 Cardano trades at $ 0.333095, according to coinmarketcap, which is equivalent 0.00003388 bitcoin.
As for the market value, it reached 8.63 billion dollars, which is equivalent to 878,461 Bitcoin. As for the currency's position among the currencies, it is ranked sixth in terms of market value, preceded by the currency of Litecoin, followed by the currency of the neo and Stellar, to be the rivals of that currency in the  Digital currency market.

Charano fees

Cardano coin
The ADA conversion fee can be calculated by this equation:
Conversion fee = a + b * size
a = a constant value currently equal to 0.155381 ADA
b = constant constant value equal to 0.000043946 ADA / byte
Size = Transaction size in bytes byte
This means that the minimum transaction fee is 0.155381 ADA and will increase the value of "0.000043946 ADA" with each "byte" increase on the volume of your transactions.

Create Cardano Wallet

To get started in the currency purchase currency, you must first load the wallet for that currency, to place a coin containing the coins, first you have to login to the daedaluswallet site, choose Download, and the wallet is available on Windows, IOS, and Linux, The computer you are working on, starts the download process.
After the download you will find a dear continental file called "Daedalus " on your computer, then you run it to determine the language that suits you, and agree to the terms of use, and will not take the wallet more than 40 minutes in the starting currency.
After the synchronization of the program, you start the creation of the wallet, give it a clear name, and then activate the password, provided that it is strong to protect your wallet from theft and penetration, and requires at least 7 characters and one number.
After that you will already have a Cardano wallet and you can keep your address on your computer in a safe place, because you will need it in various conversions.

Buy the cardano

You can buy ADA from some of the Bittrex, Binance and Coinbase exchange platforms because they have the highest trading volume of the ADA. The currency can be traded in the form of digital currency pairs such as Bitcoin / Cardano and Ethereum / Cardano.
In the normal way you should initially buy another digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum from another platform such as GDAX.
Some news suggests that the currency will be available for purchase through ATM machines in Japan soon.

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