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What is the NEO- buy NEO- NEO price

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What is the NEO- buy NEO- NEO price After the competition between the digital currencies, many currencies appeared in the virtual currency market, some of them want to compete, some others do not want it, some already compete, and others can not enter among the great digital currency in the world.
Today, dear reader, about a digital currency called NEO, which we will explain in digital currencies, as well as its advantages and comparison with other currencies, and their value in the market at the moment, the importance of the existence of this currency, and the method of mining, as well as how you can buy.

Neo currency

NEO, a digital currency similar to the ethereum coin, in terms of purpose and purpose for it, and was able to start at lightning speed from being a currency in the small to large currency, where it ranked seventh, in the order of digital currencies in terms of market value, Arrived at $ 121.
The currency is called China's ethereum, because it is very similar to ethereum, and because it is a digital currency made in China, the first open-source decentralized digital currency. Neo has another currency called GAS.

History of neo coin

Neo Digital Coin
The neo currency was introduced in 2014 by a company that wants to transform the Chinese and international economy into a smart economy, based on the Blockchain technology, which will provide smart contracts. The investment and financial transactions will be carried out in India to the country quickly and safely without any third parties.

Advantages of Neo currency

The neo-currency has many advantages that made it launch at the speed of the rocket and be among the top ten digital currencies in the world and these features:
  • Offers all modern languages ​​including Gog Python.
  • Its smart contracts accept all common programming languages, providing modern developers time instead of learning new languages ​​that are unknown and complex in other currencies, and using them in their own application programming.

Neo and Ethereum
NEO Digital Coin

As we mentioned that the neo-currency called the Chinese ethereum to the degree of similarity between them, this created a kind of comparison between the two currencies:
  • New currency produces an encrypted digital source called the NeoGas code, which is used as fuel for the NEO, while in the ethereum coin a very small fraction is used from ether as a fuel for the grid.
  • Smart contracts can be written in the Neo currency in Java or in C programming, while in Ethereum you have to learn special programming languages ​​called Solidity if you want to write a smart contract.
  • The NEO aims to create an alternative virtual economy for conventional currencies as well as sophisticated smart financial solutions, while ethereum seeks to be the world's smartest computer through a series of blockchain that host many other currencies.
  • At present, the new digital currency operates on 10,000 transactions per second while the ethereum operates on 15 transactions per second, and this is the biggest positive advantage of the neo-currency so far.
  • There is not much New Age content in English or other languages ​​except in Chinese only, while Ethereum is a global currency and all its content is in English.
  • Neo-currency is supported by the Chinese state, and this does not exist for ethereum, which is not supported by any country until this time.

Neo currency limits

At present there are around 100 million Neo coin, which is treated as a small percentage of the currency's order, which in the future may lead to an increase in its price, especially as demand increases.

Neo currency price

Neo currency in February 2018 The currency began to emerge in 2014 and then its price did not exceed several cents, and began to appear and progress until it reached in 2017 to nearly $ 20, and is still continuing to climb until the price break the barrier of $ 100.
Neo, according to coinmarketcap, in February 2018, reached $ 121.65, which is equivalent to 0.01197370 Bitcoin.
As for the market value of the currency, the market value reached $ 7.9 billion, which is equivalent to 778,291 Bitcoin, indicating that the currency is developing significantly, and this is increasing the speed of demand by traders and investors around the world.

The future of Neo currency

Neo Digital Coin
The future seems to open its arms to the neo-digital currency, leaving it in the limelight. It has been announced to work with AdEx, which is the first DApp via the Neo Digital Coin Blockchain.
Red Pulse also claims that it is researching cross-platform participation built through NEO's smart contract platform. Red Pulse is located in Shanghai, China, a company engaged in China's financial market research and will be the first entity to invest through NEO. The platform should provide customers with electronic currency as a grant to analysts and participants on the platform directly by using a modern currency called RPX, which is highly supported by the New platform.

Wallet of NEO

As with any other digital currency, you should first have a wallet so that you can put your money. New has many wallets. You have to choose one so you can invest in that currency.

Phone wallet

Neo phone types
It has three types of phone wallets, the first is the O3 application for Android phones, and there is another version of the application, but for iPhone phones that support the IOS system. The third type is the application of the NEO App, which supports the Android system only and is available in English and Chinese, O3, available only in English.

Desktop Wallet

Neo desktop wallets
There are also 3 types of wallets here: NEO - GUI, available in English and Chinese. It works on Windows, NEO - CLI, available in English and supports Linux and Windows. Neon Wallet works in English and works on Osx, Windows and Linux.

Web Wallet

web wallets
Which is the online wallet. New 3 wallets are available online: NEO Tracker, with English language, NEO Wallet, with English and Chinese language, and OTCGO, available in Chinese language only.
After identifying the types of wallets supported by the NEO currency, you can choose the wallet format that suits you to start converting your currencies.

Buy Neo

You can buy New from some basic exchange platforms Bittrex, Binance, and Coinbase, because they have the highest volume of trades for Neo and can trade currency in the form of pairs of digital currencies such as Bitcoin / NEO, and Ethereum / NEO.

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