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Bitcoin Cash .. The most successful division of the digital currency

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Bitcoin Cash .. The most successful division of the digital currency
Today we are talking about the currency of the Bitcoin Cash, a digital currency that emerged as a result of the digital currency decomposition, we will explain to you the usefulness of this currency in the digital currency market, the disadvantages of this currency, as well as its price at the moment and its biggest competitor, And its various governorates.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash, a currency market symbol (BCH), is a branch of modern digital assets that is characterized by reduced time spent in financial transactions via digital currency.
On the first day, there was no acceptance from investors and traders, as a number of trading platforms were not compatible to accept trading on the new currency of the Bitcoin Cash, meaning that the currency would not be accepted. Those traders investing in Bitcoin would not be able to enjoy The new features that lie in the new split currency only after they change the trading platforms that invest in their digital property.
But it was not long before the currency of the "Bitcoin Cash" emerged until it regained its strength and confirmed its position, and was greatly encouraged by those involved in the digital currency market through the developments that were carried out on the Blockchain.

The difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash

​The difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash
"Bitcoin Cash" came into existence as a result of the operation of the hard fork, which is planned. The currency is different from the regular currency of "Bitcoin" in three directions:
  • For the activation of Segwayt: Bitcoin Cash will not implement Segwayt.
  • For Block Size: There will be an immediate increase from 1MB to 8MB.
  • For co-existence: Re-activation and elimination of protection ensures continuity of the two chains in the competition, as the currency of the home Bitcoin Cash aims to reduce the disruption of the user and allow the safe existence of both series.
With the emergence of the currency and the start of trading, the currency has fluctuated significantly. On its first day, it saw a profit of 130%, while its second day fell by 25%. On the third day, the decline increased to 32% of the losses. Volatility for a longer or shorter period depending on the adaptation of the new currency in the trading market.

How to get a Bitcoin Cash?

You should first be careful to read the platform's updates regarding the conversion between the two currencies (Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash) and also for the new currency mining. After reviewing the updates and making sure your Bitcoin Wallet is safe, you can start the conversion process or mining the Bitcoin Cash through its own mining equipment and through its own blockbuster chain according to the following steps:
  • Step 1: Make sure that you can access your financial Wallet from the original currency of the Bitcoin on the trading platform where you hold your money. If you do not have your own switch, you have to forget all your BCH You will not be able to get it.
  • Stage 2: Open a new BCH financial Wallet. In this step, you will need to have a Wallet that allows you to accept the currency of the Bitcoin Cash. You can use your Private Key to access your new Bitcoin currency. So the original string has been cloned and the passkey has been cloned as well. You can use your personal key to access your money and add the new currency to your previously purchased financial instrument. This may vary depending on the wallet or platform that accepts the new BCH. For example, the Kraken platform, which accepts the currency of the Bitcoin Cash and add it to your financial Wallet automatically and does not require you to take any action. But on some other platforms, you need to add your own passkeys so you can add your own free currency. It is always a good idea to make sure that the basket you are trading on or the platform you are investing in is a way of adding your new Bitcoin Cash to your financial basket.
Be careful here not to put your trust in anyone who offers you the service of extracting what you have dug from the Bitcoin or the House of Cash, where the fraudsters are everywhere. You may be deceived by providing any services or helping you get your own Bitcoin Cash currency. You must first check the credibility of this entity and the extent to which it evaluates online trading and currency exchange.

Price of the currency of the Bitcoin Cash

Currency of the Bitcoin Cash in February
The currency of the Bitcoin Cash, until the writing of this topic fourth place, and reached a price of $ 1251, which is equivalent to 0.11683800 Bitcoin.
As for the market value of the currency of the Bitcoin Cash, it reached 21.2 billion dollars, which is equivalent to 1,985,162 Bitcoin, according to coinmarketcap.

Competitor coin Bitcoin Cash

The currency of its fourth position among many digital currencies, so its competitors in the markets are very many, and we can say that the closest competitor to the currency by market value is the currency of the Litecoin, which is in fifth place and is the only center of the Bitcoin Cash.
Bitcoin also competes with the Ripple coin, which precedes the ranking of the digital currency where it ranks third.

The collapse of the Bitcoin Cash

There is no doubt that all the traditional and digital currencies are subject to collapse or falling prices, due to inflation and fluctuation in the political and economic conditions of countries, also because of the emergence of new digital currencies that compete with each other, but despite this, has proved the currency of Bitcoin Cash competitiveness, and appears This is evident from the clear increase in their prices in the digital currency markets.
At this time we are facing the risk of collapse not only Bitcoin Cash but most digital currencies, because of the fight by the governments of the world wishing to regulate and control these currencies, to prevent the process of tax evasion and money laundering, and governments want to control So that it is not affected by the currency of their country.
But many experts hold that digital currencies are able to continue and reach astronomical numbers in the near future.

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